Correct transplanting rose bushes to a new location

All rose bush, curly decorate the garden, delighting its stunning views of the eye. Sometimes, for whatever reasons you have to be transplanted shrub roses grown in other convenient location. If roses grow long in one place, the soil beneath them draining and shrubs begin to hurt, do not grow and bloom, they are attacked by pests, then transplant the rose is necessary. If after re-planning or other high-grown plants, rose bushes were in blackout, where they do not like to grow, they need to bring to light the garden plot.


Overgrown bushes also helpful transplanted to a new location, to the roots of the plants have more space.

Roses – flowers capricious and will have to tinker, to a new place beautiful colors well taken root. To do this, you need to comply with the rules by choosing the right time for the transplant and rooting flower.

Transplanting roses in the spring

A good time to transplant roses to another place in the early spring, when the earth warmed and early autumn, when the days are still warm. During this period, the plant will take root and grow stronger and well perezimuet. When transplanted into later periods, in the late autumn, the plant can not tolerate the cold, he did not have the strength to spend the winter and it will die.

Transplant summer

If imperative to transplant rose bush to another place in the summer, you do not need it in hot weather, but cloudy. It is necessary to ensure that in the future much water and cover from the scorching sun, creating a flower suitable conditions for the healing. Keeping transplant technology, strong bush pruned by removing completely the old shoots. Young bushes clean only nevyzrevshie shoots.

Rules planting

Transplanting a shrub to a new location, you need as much as possible to create conditions to approximate the same or even better to plant a good feel. Shrub roses do not like the darkened space, storage space, and stagnant water.

Pre preparing for landing pit. Removes weeds at the site, where it will grow the flower on the bottom of the recess is poured drainage, fertile soil, manure or compost and leave it for a couple of weeks, so that the soil has settled.

And came to the bush digging, soil near the bush is well moistened to form a clod of earth on the rhizome. We need to try when digging the plants as little as possible to injure the roots.

Prepared well, well watered with water, put in someone with roots straighten them. Fall asleep the ground, so that the neck of the plant was covered by 4 cm, well-tamped soil and watered again.

If during this period, when they came to transplant rose bushes he is flourishing, it must be removed from the bush flowers and unopened flower buds of the plant to make it easier to settle down in a new place that is not given to the flowering force, but only on the root system.


climbing rose

Climbing roses can also be transplanted, given the characteristics of these plants. The shoots of the plant is removed from the helpers, remove branches over two years old, young shortened for ease of fit and transplanted using the same method as the bush. Roses and moisture-loving plants should always make sure that the soil next to a bush was wet and pereiodicheski loosen it.

Transplanted shrub roses grown quite time consuming, but with proper rose garden bloom transplant is not worse than before, and will delight you for years.

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