Rose runs wild and turns into a prickly briar

The most beautiful flowers delight the eye with a variety of types and colors. It is especially pleasant to admire a rose, if it is grown with their own hands. Paying attention to and care of beauty, waiting for bush roses beautiful inflorescences, we see that it starts to run wild, becoming a thorny briar. Which leads to savagery cultivated plant?

Methods of growing roses in the garden

Rosary growers bred seeds and vegetative method – is grafted onto the wild rose bush. This method is simple and is a simple and effective way.

Wild roses representative, as well as garden roses, it belongs to the family rose. He has a strong root system, so resistant to various environmental conditions, tolerates high frost and prolonged droughts, little affected by pests and diseases. All these good qualities gardeners try to save, instilling cultural rose on a wild dog rose.

The causes of savagery roses

That may affect the plant? Why Rose turns into a prickly briar? The reasons are different.

If the stem of the rose has been properly vaccinated dog rose to the top, at the site of implantation of the remaining kidney wild bush, the bush will throw out wild shoots out of the ground, drowning the cultural shoots. Over time, the rose will accrue less power and water. Without getting nutrients, the branches begin to grow poorly roses, flower stalks are small and sparse. If time does not take action and do not remove wild shoots, the briar rose drown, it will die.

When buying seedlings need to carefully inspect the seedlings that she had no seal on the trunk. These buds can later throw out wild shoots. Planting shrub roses, place vaccinations bury in the ground 7-10 cm, top spud plant. This technology will help to delay germination unwanted stepchildren.

Rosehip – antifreeze plant, and it can withstand high cold, but the surface portion of the crop plant root spring freezes and will release the wild shoots, wild overgrown branches. To avoid this and to preserve the roses from freezing, the winter it is necessary to conceal. Spring plant with new forces let in growth and bloom to full flower.

Permanent care

For roses should be done with proper care, the plants grow strong and healthy. Watered, fed and constantly loosen the ground under a bush, inspect for the presence of pests and diseases and timely take the necessary measures of care. The main condition to garden rose is not turned into a wild dog rose – the removal of wild shoots of time on the plant.

How to distinguish the cultivated plant from the wild

Distinguish the whip from rosehip roses simple. Shoots of cultural plants have a reddish tint, and in the wild they are green. In the wild bush leaves are small, many small sharp thorns. Foliage color is also different, light green. Shoots thin and weak.

To this does not happen, it is necessary to identify the wild shoots, and it immediately cut. The soil in the bush, near escape, dig and cut the wild shoots at the base. When Rose turned into a wild dog rose bush, to correct the situation is no longer possible.

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