Roses grown from seeds

Rose – the most beautiful flowers and love to grow on their land, many growers, because this wonderful flower to grace any landscape. Delighting different inflorescences and emitting a pleasant fragrance, Rose has become one of the favorite flower gardeners, and they try to grow it in different ways. Some growers-fans want to experiment and try to grow a beautiful rose bushes of high-quality seeds that originated in China and the Netherlands.

How to grow a flower from seed

After going through the process of ordering seeds online, we proceed to their germination. Grow from seeds from China rose is realistic, important to have the desire to spend time with them various manipulations, but this process is time consuming and takes a lot of time-consuming. Expect the unusual colors of rose bushes grown not worth it, you will soon see the familiar color roses: yellow, red, pink, white.

Prepare seeds for germination. Spread out on the surface of the napkin that will retain moisture, is wetted with hydrogen peroxide solution spread on these seeds. Top cover in the same layer of fabric or wool.

You can pack it all into a plastic container or a translucent film and place in refrigerator. Are the seeds in the refrigerator for 2 months, and the need to periodically look at them, winding or to humidify the cloth if necessary. If there mold them again soaked in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, then laid on the new gaskets and again put in the refrigerator.

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Care of seedlings

Once the seeds have germinated, it is desirable not to skip this point, their seedlings planted in pots in peat or tablets, with an air temperature of 18-20 C, until seedlings future lighting 10 hours per day. Watering is necessary to moderate. Grain sown on the soil surface, sprinkle vermiculite or perlite. Vermiculite is a natural substance, used in the rooting of cuttings, germinating seeds. It is well retains moisture and nutrients it will suffice for the first time. Pots covered with a transparent film on top to create hothouse conditions and put in a place that had no drafts and it was warm. It is necessary to ensure that the soil in containers from drying out, and where necessary be watered with warm water sprouts. When the sprouting cover is removed.

How to take care of seedlings Roses

To seedlings are developing well, they provide daylight hours to 10 hours. If necessary, cover fitolamp.

A couple of weeks the seedlings need to fertilize with liquid humic fertilizer. Special fertilizer for roses should be reduced by 2 times, the plant is still very weak and can die.

After the start of the formation of the leaves, the seedlings should be started gradually rose to temper, bringing them into the fresh air for a few minutes each day, gradually increasing the time.

If seedlings are grown and it was a bit crowded in their pots, they need to dive into other large containers.

In the spring when the ground warms up well and warm days will be stable, the seedlings are planted in open ground prepared fertile. Choose a bright place, where there is no stagnant melt water.

Seedlings can bloom quickly, but it is desirable to remove the first color to the young Rose sent forces to strengthen the root system, rather than flowering. In this approach, when re ovary, rose buds longer throw.

Further care for roses bushes, germinated seeds of quality, will be held as well as for other kinds of roses grown in other ways. They are watered with warm water, feed, compound fertilizer, mulch. Young roses prepare for winter, good hilling bushes and densely harbor.

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