Why do leaves fall in the rose garden

Roses – flowers popular in amateur and professional gardeners. They are decorated with gardens, parks, garden plots. Today, there are a large number of variety of roses of different colors and shades. They can be grown in any climate.

Rules for the care of roses in the open ground

Grow, if desired, a beautiful shrub roses can even a novice in this business. Inexperienced gardeners believe that it requires a lot of effort associated with their care. Breeders bred modern varieties of roses are not demanding to care for.

Caring for garden roses is the same for each class and type. Garden roses are shrub and climbing.

Agro-technical activities related to the care of roses carried out throughout the season: pruning, fertilizing, mulching, watering.

It is important to make time for shrubs fertilizer to grow a rose garden well and magnificently blossomed. Mineral and organic fertilizing is carried out mainly in the spring and summer. According to the technology correctly fertilize first mineral, then organic. Their qualities, they complement each other.

Nitrogen effect on the growth of green mass, phosphorus on the abundant flowering. Also important minerals needed plant potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron and others.

Pay attentionAt the end of August – beginning of September made potash fertilizer in order to increase the frost roses.

Proper pruning promotes long flowering rose garden. To look well-groomed shrubs conducted to shorten the stems and the formation of the crown. Shrunken and cut out diseased branches to living tissue at a distance of 1 cm from the resulting kidneys.

The problem may be more that rose for many reasons, can throw wild shoots of bush inoculation site and turn into wild rosehips. To prevent this, the bushes are constantly inspected by removing the wild shoots. They pull it out of the ground breaking off from the root. They are characterized by a light-green color of leaves.

Pruning rose bushes in late autumn winter allows them to relax. Cut them after lowering the temperature to zero degrees at night, 25-35 cm from the ground. After resting roses bloom earlier and better.

Mulching – an important moment in the care of the flowers. This process keeps the root system of heat and moisture, rot converted into organic manure, which enriches the soil nutrients. For mulch you can use compost, pine needles, tree bark, sawdust.

Rose abundantly watered once a week to earth under the bush impregnated with about 0.5 m.

Adhering to these simple rules, to grow a rose garden is not difficult his stead.

Why rose shed its leaves, what to do?

Rose dropped leaves, what is the reason? Caring for rose bushes properly, you can still find that the leaves turn yellow steel and rose beginning to dump them. We rose fallen leaves – a situation familiar to many florists.

In the rose leaves turn yellow

Find out the reason why rose loses its leaves, you can save it, starting treatment immediately, not letting it dry bush.

Why fall off the leaves from the roses in the garden? The reasons are many.

Growing in a darkened place Rose will miss the sunlight for normal development and flowering, it can lead to skidyvaniyu leaves. It will feel good in a sunny spot in light shade in the afternoon.

If the leaves and buds are located in the hot sun all day, the rose will also begin to drop leaves. For good growth choose a place that is illuminated by the sun in the morning.

Roses love moisture and lack of heat leads to shrinkage and obletaniyu leaves.

Nor can we avoid the stagnation of water near the hive. This leads to rotting of the root system, stems from roses begin to blacken.

Planting roses in a place where water is going, they need to be watered once a week in the sun-warmed water.

In the rose leaves are falling

The reasons why the rose has become a dumping leaves – the lack of trace elements (potassium, calcium, iron), leads to premature yellowing and leaf skidyvaniyu the roses.

At deficiency in soil minerals nitrogen and phosphorus can lead to premature defoliation.

Saturate the soil with nutrients is possible with regular dressing with special fertilizer for roses.

Diseases and pests of roses can also be the reason why the leaves are falling from the rose garden.

Modern varieties of roses in the most resistant to diseases and pests, but at the wrong care can be expressed by these problems.

Additional information!Pathogenic fungi are spread by the warm and humid weather, and with a lack of potassium. Leaves infected with the disease and fall prematurely.

One of the most common diseases of roses – black spotting. It starts with small spots of brown color and affects the entire sheet. Leaves wither and fall off. To deal with this disease should be started immediately.

How to help the flower? First, the damaged parts removed bush, it is then treated with Bordeaux liquid, copper sulfate, sulfur-containing drugs.

Powdery mildew affects the leaves, they curl, wither and fall off. Shoots are bent and die decreases decorative appearance bushes. Upon infection, plaque appears powdery white. When the disease is reduced decorative appearance bushes. Often suffer from these diseases rose growing in the shade.

In the control of diseases, and removed the affected burn stems bush Bordeaux treated liquid solution mullein, ash, nettle broth.

Pests also cause great harm to the rose garden.

Spider mite feeds on sap of stems and leaves. Affected leaves covered with dots, yellow and overfly. Help to combat this threat folk remedies: decoction or onion / garlic, potato haulm, as well as solutions of chemicals.

Aphids, enveloped Hive, located below a leaf, on young shoots and flower stems, sucking the sap and weakens the plant. Fight against it should be carried out with insecticides, soapy water, a decoction of tobacco, garlic.

In combating tortricidae and scale insects also used insecticides and solutions from folk remedies.

Care room rose

For roses in pots also requires attention and meticulous care. Choosing a place for them better on the western and eastern windows. In a well-lit place, with constant care rosette will delight with its beautiful colors.

To do this, you need to monitor the condition of the leaves in time to avoid the disease bush roses. The flower on the windowsill has many similarities with the disease rose garden.

Pay attention!Adverse conditions cause yellowing and skidyvaniya foliage.

In all fallen rose leaves, what to do? The reasons why a home takes off flower leaves may be many, should show to her attention and proper care.

  • Watering Roses should the settled water. Cold water is bad for the state rose.
  • The flower does not like drafts, do not keep it under an open window.
  • Water the pot with the flower must be regularly, maintaining optimum moisture in the soil.
  • In the hot pot should be kept in outdoor conditions.
  • Rosa need time to feed, lack of nutrients will cause yellowing and dropping of leaves.
  • flowerpot transplant in February, will give him a better chance to settle down.
  • The emergence of fungal diseases may be caused by an overdose of fertilizers and copious watering.
  • When buying flowers is important to carefully inspect it, that there was no evidence of disease and pests in the bush.


Preventive measures

Through preventive procedures, easier to grow healthy flowers. Prevent the disease is easier than to treat a flower.

  • Will reduce infection diseases autumn cleaning and burning of fallen leaves.
  • spraying bushes and the soil beneath them in the early spring with copper sulfate or Bordeaux liquid reduces the occurrence of the disease.
  • A cursory observation of stem allows us to see that there was a pest, and its time to neutralize.


Tips and tricks from experienced gardeners and gardeners

  • Getting started growing roses need to determine the type and grade.
  • is of great importance for growing healthy and beautiful roses correctly selected seedlings.
  • Select the bushes need a green, elastic stems, with a smooth, blemish-free, bark.
  • High-quality seedlings should have at least three shoots.
  • They are sold bare-root, and closed containers.
  • immature roses, with poorly developed root system, can freeze when planting in the fall.
  • Pink plants in containers can be planted in the cool summer days.
  • The best soil for roses weakly acidic or neutral.
  • Roses take root deeply, so seedlings for planting hole should be prepared not smaller than 60 cm.
  • Planted roses when the soil is warmed up from mid-April to mid-May and mid-October.
  • should be prepared before planting seedlings. Long roots pruned a little, remove dry.


 Important! The thread-like roots can not be touched.

Before planting the seedlings are soaked for several hours in water.

Shed their blossoms are cut, not waiting for them to complete wilting. It stimulates the formation of new stems.

Ground near the hive must be constantly loosen, remove weeds in a timely manner, so that they did not take nutrients from the soil.

To grow beautiful roses, they need to pay attention and follow the recommendations when planting and care.

Blooming roses will decorate your garden, and will bring joy. The most beautiful roses are those that are grown with their own hands.