Rose Queen of Svidén

Probably difficult to find a flower that can be compared in beauty with a rose. Currently, there are a large number of varieties and species of beautiful roses.

Description grade

English Rose Park is a great variety of shapes and colors of flowers, long and abundant flowering, hardiness and good winter hardiness. They resemble peony – large, with a diverse color palette and the finest shimmering shades buds.

David Austin English roses brought variety, which joined the scent and beautiful flower shape of old roses with the modern that bloom throughout the season and have a varied hue buds.

Queen of Sweden rose refers to the variety of modern garden roses. A bush with straight stems where leaves grow matte medium size grows to 100 cm. light pink tint with apricot, double flowers appear in brushes from 1 to 3 units. on one stalk. This rose blooms for a long, undulating, which lasts the whole summer and autumn.

Advantages of sorts:

  • erect shoots with flowers looking up;
  • a compact bush, abundant flowering;
  • is not a strong smell, but very pleasant;
  • is not large, but beautiful flowers suitable for cutting;
  • the rain does not respond, winters well;
  • is resistant to disease.

caring for plants

Favorable time for planting roses in the autumn or spring. Choose a place for them, which is illuminated by the sun, ventilated but draft-free. Spring planting identified for specific care, as they have been actively developing green mass, and the root system is still weak.

! Pay attentionprofusely blooming rose Queen of the Swedes in the first year will not be – it needs to settle down and build up the root system.

Rose perfectly adapted to different climatic and soil conditions. For the soil they are demanding, they suit all, but you need to constantly spend fertilizing shrubs mineral and organic fertilizers, as part of which must be a nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These flowers love the organics. Organic – Mullein tincture, wood ash.

Rooted plants need to be watered once a week.

 Important! landing the plant is not fed in the first year, so that it can strengthen their own roots.

conducted in the spring and summer feeding in the future:

    • The first fertilizing spring, immediately after removing the cover;
    • the second – during budding;
    • the third – after the first flowering wave


Early autumn, to prepare shrubs for the winter, so they are well passed the winter, they are fed potash fertilizers.

Pruning shrubs

Trim the stems – an important procedure in the care of a rose Queen of Svidén Christina.

In the spring when the rose buds still empty in the growth, cut out the old and vymerzshie shoots to the ground.

Pruning of shoots in the class, it is performed to stimulate flowering wave forming bush. Height can be adjusted pruning roses. If pruning spending more, the bush will grow low.

After flowering, the flower stalks are removed with a part of the shoot.

Rose Queen of Shvedov resistant to diseases, but lack the important elements may be subjected to pests and diseases.

Fight plant pests is quite difficult, so you need to carry out timely prevention, treating stems and leaves with special solutions.

Before the onset of cold weather rose bushes need to hide. In the winter, before the shelter, a bush remove all the flowers, leaves and shoots are not developed. Spud bush land and cover the top leaves, fir branches or mulch.

Queen of Sweden Christina Rose is suitable for creating a carpet of flower borders and flower beds, perfectly combined with other plants.

Follow the simple rules for the care of roses, it is possible to achieve a lush blooms from spring to autumn.

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