Rose Golden Celebrio

Tender roses – decoration of any garden. There are quite a large number of varieties, which differ in their characteristics.

English rose Celebration

English roses are associated with the name of an English breeder David Austin, who crossed Hybrid Tea, Floribunda group and old rose and received new varieties with large flowers and long blooming. Flower shape at the English Rose cupped shape – like a peony with many small petals. The appearance of flowers may have different doubleness, with flavors reminiscent of the smell of fruit of myrtle and others.

Description Golden Silver Rose

Rose Golden relates to classical hybrid tea roses type, which can be found in many gardens and the gardens. These roses have become popular in the 80s of XX century among the park of roses.

English roses are grown as a shrub roses, but some varieties look good as a low pletistyh to decorate arches, walls, fences. To bush trailed its shoots spread their fan and attached to the support. Most are short and weak shoots removed, so that the plant could enhance energy on healthy shoots.

Golden Celebration Rose – one of the beautiful roses that adorn the front gardens, parks, recreation areas.

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