How to keep the roses in a vase longest: effective ways

Every woman loves flowers. All men feel that way, so give them the fair sex with or without. Bouquet of beautiful cut roses is a great gift that will not only raise the mood of any representative of the fair sex, but also create a special atmosphere in the interior of the room.

Rose in vase

We decided to give some advice to budding beauties, who was honored to be the owner of this beautiful bouquet, in order to preserve this moment for a long time

These flowers have a delicate, captivating fragrance, however, save it, and in general a good external appearance can be roses, unfortunately, for a short period.

How to choose fresh cut flowers so that they stood for as long as possible

When buying roses, be careful when choosing colors. Many roses are beginning to”omit” the head the next day after they were put in a vase. Try to explore every flower bouquet, buying roses, and very carefully.

The choice of a rose when you buy

Do not bound were broken off bud, whether fresh look petals, the smell of flowers. Because it will be easier to extend the life of the roses that still looks decent. But do not worry, as today there are a number of tricks that will save the most beautiful bouquet longer. If you do not know how to prolong the life of the roses, the main thing that should be noted is the fact that they drink water in large quantities.

How to make roses long standing: the basic rules

Arriving home, you must perform a number of manipulation:

1) Free packaging shackles rose from: polyethylene, verovochek, clamps, foils, etc. Give them a taste of freedom.

2) All of the life force and the power should go specifically to bud. Therefore, cut the excess foliage from flower: branches, leaves.

Trim excess foliage

3) It is unacceptable that the leaves fall into the water, as their decomposition water deteriorate rapidly, and roses before become useless. If the leaves are still left, then they must be above the water level. All excess leaves should be cut. And only you can now put the flowers in water.

4) Water temperature should be optimal and comfortable for colors If the window frost, the water must be poured into the room temperature A vase if the room stuffy and hot then cold even in the water ice will not interfere. It is better to make a bouquet of fresh air on the balcony, but not in the open sun. At night it is best to rearrange the bouquet of roses in a cool place with a high level of humidity. The ideal embodiment will tub or a basin filled with cool water. After a night like roses will once again take a fresh look.

5) Clarify comfortable conditions for growth. The process of growing roses has a direct influence on their future behavior after flower is cut. capillaries in the stem width depends on how many logs flower consumed while he was growing up, so to speak in the normal environment. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify in what rosaries they grew. For example, from a cool rose garden flowers will not feel comfortable in a hot room, so they can quickly fade.

6) To a flower could absorb moisture in an amount necessary for it, before put into the water rose, carefully trim the stem necessary. Did not get to the air, it is better to do it yourself in the water. The use of this procedure will allow the colors to stand longer. It is necessary to cut the roses in water, as in this case, the capillary stem system is not clogged air bubbles. Oblique cut is made to create a maximum moisture absorption area. After surgery, the flowers do not get out of the water! If we have got, then you need to cut the stems again. The incision should be diagonal, as shown in Fig.

Diagonal cut

The part of the stem, which is in the water, must be thoroughly cleaned from the thorns and leaves.

Take the container with warm water and, using a pair of scissors or a knife to produce small cut oblique type on each stem from the whole bouquet. At the base of the stem can be made a small cut, which has a cross-shaped appearance.

7) Use the supernatant or filtered water. Then Rose can please you with its freshness, beauty and fragrance much longer. Need to change the water often ideal if every day. Even the purest natural water eventually loses its freshness, if there are flowers.

Water for roses

8) Water additives. To extend their life, can be added to water, various additives that will supply the flower. If pure water enriched with nutrients, period of existence of the bouquet can be extended by almost two weeks. To date, flower shops offer a large number of special additives for cut roses, which extend the life of any bouquet. If it is a grade that is different large long stems and buds, in this case one aspirin tablet can be added to the water. All this will slow down the development of harmful bacteria and roses stand for longer. To decomposition processes developed in the water is not as active, you can add it aspirin per 1 liter. water, citric acid, vinegar little or boric acid.

Another useful addition to roses in sugar water. On the stems of roses in water, carbohydrates have a positive impact.

For example, two teaspoons of sugar dissolved in one liter of water, will greatly extend the life of cut roses and other flowers. For example, the dosage, which can be used for each liter of water:

  • tablespoon sugar;
  • 2 teaspoons of vinegar;
  • 2 drops of ammonia; tablespoon vodka;
  • 3 tablets activated carbon;
  • similar amount of crushed charcoal;
  • aspirin 300 mg; 1 mg of bleach.

Another effective means is a liquid dishwashing detergent or bleach. They will kill all bacteria that infect the flower and thus increase the service life of a living bouquet. Add a drop of bleach to the water, which are the roses. They are no strangers to the effects of chemicals, as raised them by using different additives.

9) Enter a whole tub of water and leave it overnight bouquet. This will contribute freshening, moisturizing, regenerating natural flower. Already in the morning the rose will be noticeably fresher. Do not forget to put them quickly back into the vase, pre-trimmed them a little.

If a rose, save, packed in a box or in any other packaging, then a beautiful appearance, they will last much longer, as opposed to the colors that are stored in the clear. But it is worth noting that in the case of storage in a package of roses, you can not fill them too close to each other, as the flowers continue to actively breathe and give off heat, which means that the flowers will be hot, and it will fade soon.

How to revive the faded roses

So, how to keep flowers in a vase longest time, we’ve already discussed. However, what if the flowers have started sounding the first signs of wilting? We noticed that the buds bowed heads, the leaves began to turn yellow or fall off?

Wilting roses

Fast fading occurs, primarily, due to the fact that moisture is lost due to evaporation of water. This process begins with the moment when the flower was cut off from the bush. In general, the process of withering reversible, however, to a certain point, after which no resuscitation will not be allowed to increase their lifespan.

If the flowers have just started to fade, it is necessary to hold them for a while in the cool water, at least two or three hours, but it is better for 12-14 hours, and cleared of thorns. After this procedure, the head drooping roses should rise. If it does not, then we can scrape a little skin over the cut-off level at 5-7- centimeters, then sear the cut over the fire. In addition, each bud should wrap cellophane. So you are simulating a kind of homemade greenhouse.

If the above method does not help, it is necessary to use drastic measures resuscitation. What to do to roses were longer, if you notice the beginning of withering flowers?

It is necessary to update the sections and put the flowers in hot water. Pour in some boiling water pot and place the bouquet.

Cover with a plastic bag. After 5 minutes, the water should be changed to normal and use a number of additives and manipulation that can prolong life for a couple of days: refresh slice the stems, remove the fading leaves, pour the new water and determine the floral arrangement to its original location.

Extend the life of the roses that have begun to fade, and you can using nitrate. In one liter of water is needed 1 teaspoon of this tool. In some cases, help and ammonia, in the same ratio.

The right neighborhood for roses. Roses are the flowers, who do not tolerate no competitors, so it is best to leave the bouquet alone. The bouquet of this flower will not be able to get along with any other colors. Therefore, if you were given a combined bouquet, it would be better if a rose placed in a separate bowl.