Planting gladiolus care

Gladiolus – one of the most attractive colors, grown mainly for cutting, is considered a classic among garden plants flower. He is not only beautiful, thanks to its bright colors, but the impressive size.
Gladiolus photo

Features plants

    • Plant type: Family: Iridaceae
    • Cycle: Years
    • Origin: South Africa, Western Asia and the Mediterranean


The range is huge gladioli. The color scheme is almost complete, it is difficult to find a color that is not in Diversity. Varieties also vary in size and shape of a flower. The edges of the flowers can be smooth, wavy. There are early and late varieties. Some species have very wavy or curled edge of the flower. In other – flowers petals shine and give the impression of the wax surface.

Beautiful blossom gladuolusa

Modern gladioli inflorescences may have a length up to 1.5 – m, so it is desirable to select a portion protected from the wind and may provide support to plants. Solid, high stems of the flower stalk can decorate from 16-20 flowers, and some varieties of their number reaches 30 pcs. Thin pointed leaves gladiolus resemble swords. Wheelbarrows fit the large-species, which are popular for its large triangular flowers.

When to plant gladiolus?

To bloom, gladioli should be provided fertile soil and a favorable habitat.

Planting bulbs in April and May. This bulbous flower prefers warm places, because otherwise it will not bloom. So choose a sunny place.

ImportantWatch out for late frosts: the plants are sensitive to cold


Gladioli care and cultivation

Regular watering and providing fertilizer for flowering provides a spectacular and abundant flowering. Fertilizing should be performed in the spring.

Gladiolus flowers: planting and care in the garden. Bulbs planted in a sunny spot in a pre-prepared soil before the end of April, depending on weather.

The soil should have a sufficient amount of nutrients and humus

Approximately two weeks prior to planting, fertilize the soil with humus, not allowing direct introduction of undecomposed organic fertilizers (eg cow dung).

Each year, plants need a new place to reduce the probability of occurrence of pests (especially thrips) and fungal diseases. Tubers should be planted at a depth of 8-10 cm. Carefully pour planted bulbs. The next watering is carried out after the ground dries. Too much water can be harmful to plants.

Soil Preparation

• loosen the soil to a depth of a shovel, about 25 cm.

• Add compost to the soil and fertilizers.

• Add sand to improve drainage capacity. Gladiolus is sensitive to water stagnation.

Planting gladioli

planting time gladioli in all regions is different. The best time for planting bulbs in an open area for the middle band – from late April to mid-May. Naturally, for the southern region before planting time, and for the north – later.

  • Prepare shallow wells (about 10 cm.), It is the correct depth for gladiolus;
  • lower bulb sprouts up;
  • landing performed in the region of 15 to 20 cm between each well to leave room for growth gladioli;
  • Cover the ground;
  • pour the water.

Gladioli are subject to disease and have a lot of pests. For this reason, the tubers must be treated before planting. You may use these medications for disinfection:

    • in 0.3% solution fundazol soaked for half an hour or an hour;
    • means “Maxim” diluted as instructed, soaked for half an hour;
    • potassium permanganate: 0.3% solution, keep bulbs for 2 hours


How to propagate gladioli?

There are two options: reproduction by sowing seeds and bulbs. The former is more complicated because, on the one hand, we can not know with certainty the color, because they do not know, it will be fertilized with any other flower.

Reproduction of the bulbs is safer and easier, and as a result the color of inflorescences determined.

How to propagate the gladiolus seeds?</ h5>

Gladiolus cultivation from seeds usually prefer skilled in the art. For amateur gardeners such a landing may be too long and complicated. Growing Gladiolus from seed can be interesting, despite the complexity.

  • After flowering, let the flowers wither and dry up.
  • Collect seeds from the flowers.
  • Dry them in a dry place under cover.
  • Arrange them in bags, not forgetting the class, perhaps the color and date.

How to propagate gladioli bulbs?

Once turned yellow leaves in the fall to dig the bulbs to keep them in the winter. It is necessary to collect the bulbs in autumn. Also, around the main bulb tiny bulbs are formed. Some of them can be saved for future spring planting.

gladiolus bulbs, planting in soil
planting bulbs gladiolus

Planting bulbs “kids” gladiolus

• Prepare the ground.

• Plant the bulbs at a depth of 5 cm.

• bulbs will continue to evolve, but it is possible that this year it will not bloom.

The flowering period

Gladiolus are grown mainly as an ornamental flowers for cutting. They bloom from July to September, constantly updating throughout the summer. Cut flower stems when the flowers bloom first lower – so in a vase they will stay the longest. Unused inflorescence also cut off because they do not represent special beauty.

Cultivation gladioli garden
Gladiolus garden

Care gladioli in the summer

During the growing period should loosen the soil on a bed. In early June, August, fertilize the soil. T

Note!Only with adequate nutrition Gladiolus release a large number of stems with beautiful large flowers.

Regularly watered gladioli. Gladiolus – a plant with high flower stems, they need to fix to the support: bind them to a large wooden stick, well attached to the ground.

Additional information!Cut the flowers when they povyanut. Do not cut the leaves, they must remain in place to resume the supply of minerals for the bulbs and provide the following flowering.

Gladioli autumn: Maintenance

In the autumn the tubers should be collected and properly stored until the following spring. When the leaves are completely wilted, they tear at the base.

Tubers gladiolus grow one year. New tuber with roots appears above the tuber planted. In late September and early October, the lower the old tuber separated and store only new tubers.

After removal of the planting material from the ground, he is given time to dry, clean carefully from the ground, clinging to the bulbs.

Gladiolus after flowering care. Store them in a wooden box in a dry room at a temperature of 2-8 ° C is recommended to sprinkle stored tubers disinfectant powder.

Knowing all about the gladioli: planting, care and storage you can easily grow beautiful plants. Gladiolus can be combined with other colors, picking them so that they bloom earlier and later gladioli.

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