Pruning autumn viburnum

Kalina – beautiful perennials, growing shrub or small tree. Bush viburnum can be found in parks and on city streets. Gardeners like viburnum for its decorative appearance at any time of the year. Elegant, not very demanding to care for. Pruning Viburnum autumn – the main of the necessary work performed.

Kalina is valued for its medicinal properties and it is often used in folk medicine. In berries a lot of vitamin C, and they are used for colds. Healing qualities have fruits, leaves, bark and flowers of plants.

In nature, there are many kinds, but the multiplication of Viburnum ordinary and red – the most common among gardeners.

trimming value

To bush viburnum grow well and develop properly, you need to take care of him.

One of the conditions of care – proper removal of branches. Over time, they grow old, lose their shape, slows fruiting. Trim – Part care essential and important for the tree.


  • forming;
  • puncturing;
  • sanitary.

Formative pruning in the spring or autumn, allows to grow Kalina, on request, in the form of a bush or stunted trees.

Puncturing – used to cut thickly growing branches, which do not allow the right to develop the bush and reduce crop of berries. If the tree is not a long cut, it grows, it becomes untidy and badly blossoms.

Rejuvenating pruning stimulates growth of shoots, removing half of the old branches to flowering was abundant matured more berries drupes. Fruit buds are formed on the young twigs and berries then appear only to them.

Sanitary pruning – removal of dead, sick and damaged branches, superfluous shoots.


Cut unwanted stems in spring and autumn. Summer adult branches removed in the event that they are broken off by the wind, damaged by pests and diseases that affect mainly young tops of branches.

Locations pruning in autumn

Guelder rose bushes pruned after the fall of the leaves and stopping the sap flow. Removed damaged, dry branches. Withered stalks cut to healthy parts of the outside of the kidney. Broken branches – departing from the trunk of 3-5 mm.

Conduct decimates pruning in the fall is not desirable – it is not known how perezimuet viburnum winter. Twigs and buds are vymerznut, break off from the wind and heavy snow.

Other procedures in autumn


Viburnum bred in many ways: by dividing the bush, layering, cuttings, seeds.

Kalina plant seedlings in autumn is not difficult in the garden. It grows well in neutral or slightly acid soils, love good sunlight, grows in partial shade, too bad.

Planted in the autumn seedlings take root better. Recommend planting them in September. It is important not to miss landing period so that the temperature was not lower than 4 degrees, or sprouts may die. Tree trunks are covered with sawdust, pine needles, peat or other similar material.


, It should be fed complex fertilizers to good viburnum blooming and fruit twice a year.

Made to the autumn of potash fertilizers will help bush easier to spend the winter.

Kalina can suffer from pests and diseases, so it is important to protect it throughout the season, carry out preventive treatment chemicals.

Pests can be a short period to destroy all the leafy plate. For the destruction of insects used insecticides and fungal diseases sprayed with fungicides.

Autumn care involves treatment against pests and pathogens that overwinter in the cortex and ground. After opal foliage, clean it, make fertilizer, mulch under the bush rotted organic matter.

Tips and tricks to grow

  • When buying seedlings purchased from a well-developed root system.
  • In the first year after planting shrub give freely to develop without interfering with the formation of the young shoots.
  • It stimulates the growth of shrub removal of the weak branches. Strong and healthy not much shortened.
  • decimates the thick undergrowth sharp cutting tool, be sure to clean. Try not to injure the branches. The cut should be smooth, without any protruding bits of bark. After cutting the need to cover up their garden pitch.

Kalinovoye tree lives a long time, does not require much attention. To receive regular crop of berries are rich in vitamins, health benefits, you need to plant viburnum in the garden, in the fertile land.

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