Hyacinths planting and care in the open field

Hyacinth – one of the early spring plants that delight bright, extraordinarily beautiful and very fragrant flowers. They affect the abundance stems colors – from bright pink to pale blue

Description: varieties and varieties of hyacinths

In the modern horticulture grown three main types of hyacinths:

    • hyacinth east: large inflorescences to 10 cm in diameter, height 30 cm peduncle, early flowering


  • hyacinth litvinov leaves wide bluish color, plant height up to 25 cm, light blue flowers;
  • hyacinth Transcaspian ejects one or two stems to 20 cm in height, is formed at each of 4 to 10 blue flowers.

Each species has a large variety of grades which are divided according to timing of flowering – early, middle and late, flower shape (multiflorate, terry, simple) method of cultivation (room to open soil).

Hyacinths care

Hyacinths rather thermophilic, and depending on the variety, they bloom at different times – from late April to early June. The first of them blooming hyacinths with blue color. Stems with large racemose inflorescences bloom 2-3 weeks.

Additional informationbulbs – the main material for planting, but can be used for growing seeds and


Hyacinths prefer sunny and windless areas. By properly chosen location will depend on the lush flowering plants. Plot of land should be well covered and well protected from cold winds.

Hyacinth do not like to grow near trees and shrubs on acidic soils and compacted. Preferred for their soil – neutral, light and friable, which will be good to pass water. A place for planting can be flat or slightly sloping.

Flowers demanding on soil fertility. Feeding make immediately after planting and after the formation of flower buds. Scatter fertilizer between rows, bury in the ground and watered. The upper layer of soil around the plants must be periodically loosen.

By watering hyacinths are not very demanding, but the land should not dry on the site must be constantly moistened. Conducted moderate shallow watering.

Hyacinths – perennials, and they wither them also need care. During the drying of the leaves gradually watered and fed with phosphate and potassium fertilizers in order to allow the bulb to gain nutrients to a standstill.

Note!After drying the leaves (at the end of June or beginning of July) it is necessary to dig up bulbs. If the delay in this process will be difficult to find them – they go deep into the soil


Dug bulbs well dried and stored at room temperature until the fall air – 17-18 ° C. At this time, the kidney shaped inflorescences in the bulbs. So they do not dry out, the room must be high humidity before landing.

Planting hyacinths in the autumn, when and how to plant

Hyacinths are planted in the fall will bloom in the spring. When to plant hyacinths?

Bulbs are planted in late September – early October, before the cold weather that they are rooted. If you put them ahead of schedule, they can move into growth, and occurred as the winter cold will destroy them. If they are planted later than necessary, then they can not make it good root before the frost.

The site on which will be planting and care of hyacinths, better start preparing in August that there was soil residue.

Pay attention!If the ground will be prepared later, then settling it can snap off the newly formed roots bulbs.

Dig the soil to a depth of 30 to 40 cm, thus making pereprely compost or humus, add a little potassium and magnesium fertilizers. Nitrogenous fertilizers is recommended to feed the hyacinths in spring and summer.

Depending on what is in the ground, if necessary, more can be made of peat or sand.

Before planting the bulbs are reviewing, sorting substandard. Planted sevok average values ??which give the flower stalks, are highly resistant to weather.

Planting material is disinfected by soaking for 30 minutes in a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, and then precipitated into preformed wells depth of 10-20 cm – depending on the size of the bulb. Aisles making a distance of 20 cm, the bulbs are planted 10-15 cm apart. At the bottom of the wells is about 5 cm poured sand, in which the bulb is planted on top and covered with sand and soil. Such a method improves drainage and protects against infections and rotting.

If the bulbs were planted in dry soil, then they must be watered. After planting, care of hyacinths in the open field is loosening the soil, removing weeds and not often, but abundant watering.

Before the onset of cold weather shelter area with hyacinths using insulated material: sawdust, humus, dry peat, fir branches.

Additional information!In the spring, after soil thawing, be careful to remove cover, to prevent damage to sprouts plants that got out early.

The basic rules of hyacinth growing

For the cultivation of hyacinth choose a sunny place, but too much bright light may harm him. Well suited for planting site that is close to the trees and bushes, because the flowers must be protected from wind gusts.

This plant is extremely negatively react to the stagnation of water in the soil, which is why it should ensure good drainage. If the soil is wet, they do not need extra watering. Hyacinths do not like wet soil to water them too often not necessary. Too much moisture can cause rotting of the bulbs. If the fall is dry hyacinths occasionally watered.

Once finished hyacinths blooming in late spring, cut the flower stalks, but leaves should stand in a natural way. During this period the mother bulb pick up in weight and become stronger and forms a”kids.”

After the foliage dried outdoors, the bulbs are dug and transferred into the room and stored in a cool, dry place to fall until it comes the time of planting. Easily separating daughter bulbs can be immediately separated, and if they are too small, and hold fast, so leave them until next year, let grow. Hyacinth bulbs can remain in the ground throughout the year in most of the landing zones.

How to plant hyacinths house

Gardeners grow hyacinths in the outdoors and indoors. Growing indoors, and planting and care in the open field are different.

Flowers can be planted in pots and left to distillation in a cool room at a temperature of about 5 ° C. After wintering, they bloom in the spring, and the like come the autumn, they can be back to chase home in pots. Suitable for forcing larger planting bulbs. Selected from kidney formed, reached a diameter of 4 cm.

Hyacinth bulbs are planted in pots in October to the beginning of spring they were beautiful flowering buds. Choose bulbs that have not started to germinate. Use a wide, shallow pots. Soil covered the entire bulb, except the top point. Gently pressed against the ground around it. Each pot watered so the soil remains moist.

Cover the container with black polyethylene bags, and placed in a cool place for 12-14 weeks. Pots should not be exposed to light during a cooling-off period to bulbs not sprouting too early. Keep them at a constant temperature of 10 to 15 degrees.

Gradually begin to put the pots to light after the end of the cooling period to wake bulbs. After two or three weeks of indirect sunlight, sprouts should begin to grow in height.

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