Delphinium flower: the care and cultivation

Delphinium summer garden decorated with showy flowers of different colors on high stems. The design of the garden they add visual interest with its height, shape and color.

Cuttings – fast and reliable way to get a large number of planting material. Of grafted better in the spring, but cuttings can be cut and in the summer after the first flowering of the active. As the use of cuttings 8-12 cm shoots that grow from rhizomes.

The easiest method of propagation delphinium – dividing the bush. Perennial delphiniums have roots consisting of large kidney regeneration and quite developed fibrillose roots.

Vegetative reproduction delphinium

When grown in one place for more than 3 years of bush grows, buds grow from the top, which can destroy them in a snowless winter. In addition, at this point gradually accumulate bacterial and fungal diseases. Therefore bushes delphiniums should be divided by 2-3 years seedlings with 2-4 buds. This procedure stimulates the vitality of the plants, makes it to mobilize all resources for new growth. It is possible to propagate it and kidneys, but this is quite tedious.

Diseases and pests

Some diseases and insect pests can attack delphinium. Care should be taken young plants, and take care when planting to ensure that the soil conditions are suitable for the plant. Especially strongly affected plants under unfavorable weather conditions: rain cold protracted or prolonged drought period with the high temperature and low humidity when delphiniums weakened.

To cope with the attacks of various pests can be timely planting sprinkled delphinium solutions appropriate insecticides.

Wintering.Delphiniums are hardy and tolerate a temperature of minus 20 ° C. In the harsh winter killed only young plants and transplanted in the fall. Do not be amiss before the onset of cold weather to pour foundations shrubs soil, peat or sand. Their useful shelter spruce branches and the fallen leaves.

Before the onset of frost cut the stems high up on the surface of the soil (about 30 cm). Low cut-off function is not recommended, the stems are hollow and in contact with water may rot.

Delphiniums are very good and in the garden and in the vase life. Their luxuriant bloom continues in the ground more than a month. And if you then remove the faded blossoms from axillary buds at the top of the stems grow new, smaller, but still blooming in August inflorescence. World delphiniums beautiful, amazing and diverse.