The benefits of Brussels sprouts. How useful brussels sprouts for women?

Among the different varieties of cabbage, it occupies a special place brussels sprouts – exotic for our country and very popular in Europe. Belgian growers, which indicates that the title on its origin, derived from the leaf of cabbage completely new variety. It is a source of fresh vitamins in the winter months. Due to the high content of vital substances, delicate blossoms protect against colds and infections. They are a good source of vegetable protein.
 Brussels sprouts
Belgian cabbage

Features sprouts

Biennial plant belongs to the family of crucifers. This unusual form of cabbage on high stems, reaching heights of up to 70 centimeters. Grow it in greenhouses and outdoors on beds.

Plants differ from other types of cabbage characteristic structure. Side shoots grow in a globular head-kochanchiki, which grow in a spiral along the entire length stebpya.

For small kochanchiki similarity with roses, Brussels sprouts are also called rozovidnaya cabbage, and small head called rosettes.

Additional information!For some species at the top of the stem is formed like a Savoy cabbage head out of loose leaves, which can also be used in food.

Kochanchiki grow in diameter from 20 to 60 millimeters and is very similar to the usual cabbage, but much smaller. One plant may be from 20 to 60 roses.

Due to the relatively low water content, the fruit has a slightly spicy sweet and nutty flavor, which is not like the taste of other kinds of cabbage.

The benefits of Brussels sprouts

Cabbage is rich in nutrients for the human:

  • increases the protective functions of the body, strengthens the immune system;
  • has anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • helps to cope with the broncho-pulmonary diseases;
  • to improve the composition of the blood;
  • helps to strengthen the blood vessel wall and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • struggling with hypertension and arrhythmia;
  • has beneficial effects on the endocrine and nervous systems;
  • a good helper in the fight against obesity.
    Brussels sprouts Kocheshkov

Brussels sprouts composition: fiber content in cabbage is high, which stimulates digestion, also contains amino acids and other nutrients. Vitamins in Brussels sprouts: vitamins C and B, very rich in folic acid (vitamin B9). The low calorie vegetable (only 36 calories) rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid, also called vitamin C has an antioxidant effect and strengthens the immune system. In order not to lose it in cooking, brussels sprouts should not be too long to prepare.

The influence of Brussels sprouts on human health

Compounds contained in brassica vegetables, have anti-inflammatory properties. One of the major antioxidant found in Brussels sprouts, has particularly potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Brussels sprouts helps fight fatigue and adds energy

Due to high concentrations of vitamin B1-B9-thiamine and folic acid, vegetable very suitable for anyone who suffers from chronic fatigue, irritability, lack of energy is experiencing. Folic acid has a positive effect on mood – stimulates the production of norepinephrine.

Green vegetables are also suitable as a supplier of folic acid, which should especially eat expectant mothers.

Minerals potassium and magnesium regulate cardiac function and metabolism in the body, calcium is of particular significance as the basic element of bones and teeth. Experts recommend including sprouts roses in the diet of people with diabetes.

Brussels sprouts are useful in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the digestive system. Helps with constipation.

Note!When excessive use of Brussels sprouts, as well as many other types of cabbage, threatens bloating due to certain types of sugar.

Frequent use of sprouts rose significantly reduces the risk of cancer.

Has an effect on wound healing, so it is recommended for people who have undergone surgery.

Supports immunity and experts recommend to include brussel sprouts in the diet of children and the elderly. This miniature vegetable is very useful for all age and benefits to young children.  Aldente Brussels sprouts

The high content of vitamin C – antioxidant, promotes absorption of iron and is involved in tissue repair and immune function.

Maintain a stable blood sugar levels helps to a high fiber content. Fiber moves slowly in the body and slows the absorption of sugar into the blood.

How useful brussels sprouts for women

This type of cabbage is very important for the female body. Dietary product can be eaten for women seeking to lose weight. Vegetable strengthens hair and nails, it helps in fighting skin diseases.

Note!Recommended brussels sprouts during pregnancy because it contains large amounts of folic acid, which reduces the risk of birth defects in children. B vitamins are very important for a child’s development process.

How to use sprouts in nutrition

Thanks to the rich biochemical composition of this variety of vegetables can become an irreplaceable staple food.

Can I eat raw sprouts? It can be eaten raw, boiled, baked, stewed, prepared salads, soups and other products.

Rozovidnaya sprouts less suitable as a raw food. Sprouts of cabbage is quite hard and it is difficult to digest, but it can be eaten raw in small quantities, such as grate or cut into thin slices.

Brussels sprouts: use frozen. Freezing, subject to technology, keeps useful qualities of cabbage. It will also be less bitter taste, if you have already been frozen. Cold increases the sugar content in vegetables, and bitterness becomes less pronounced.

Very useful juice of Brussels sprouts for asthma, bronchitis and other lung diseases. Cabbage juice also helps to improve the function of the pancreas. He has a peculiar pungent-sweet taste. To improve the taste, you can add a couple drops of lemon juice.

Dishes from sprouts roses will decorate the table every day. At the plate, it looks very attractive.


Take rozovidnuyu cabbage with caution for people with high acidity of gastric juice or suffering from gout.

In general, Brussels sprouts season lasts from October to March. Some varieties ripen early, others later. Cabbage is very resistant to frost, so it can be left in the garden in winter, because the cold does not bother her. On the contrary, the taste of Brussels sprouts eventually becomes softer.

Not everyone likes brussels sprouts, especially children often reject it. The reason is that it contains a bitter substance to which children are particularly overreacting.