3 cabbage pests and their control

great harm cabbage throughout the growing season cause many kinds of pests, which have a lot of cabbage! How to protect cabbage, and not to lose the harvest? What are the pests most egregious?

Cabbage Moth

The small moth with gray wings inconspicuous. Harm cruciferous plants their larvae – caterpillars. Cabbage their favorite treat. little green larva growing up changes color to gray or light brown with a black stripe on the back.

Photo cabbage armyworm

Larvae or pupae winter is carried out in the soil under the bark or boards in the slots. In May the butterfly hatch and lay eggs in large groups on the list below. After 10 days, of which there will be a caterpillar, they begin to eat a cabbage leaf and sell it through. The grown insects make moves and get inside Kochnev. Kochan is not growing, cabbage leaves wilt and become leaky. For the development of the pest takes 40 – 50 days. Then they pupate and the development cycle is repeated. For the season 2-3 generations born.

Photo cabbage moth caterpillars

How to deal with cabbage moth?

1. In spring and autumn dig beds for cabbage.

2. loosen the soil and remove weeds.

3. Fertilize cabbage superphosphate.

4. Collect caterpillars.

5. sprayed with the preparation of the tracks.

6. regularly inspect the landing.

Cabbage fly

Common in home gardens and agriculture. Quite a large insect spirit types: spring and summer. Differences small and large damage among them.

Delia floralis, photo

Adult flies are not harmful, dangerous their voracious larvae. They love to eat any cruciferous vegetables.

moth, photo[/caption]

Adult butterfly lays on the same place 2-4 eggs. Then there is a transparent-green caterpillars with black heads. Growing up, painted brown. They cause enormous damage to crops of cabbage. Adult caterpillars pupate who finished food, and the development cycle is repeated after 35 days. For the season takes off 3-4 generations of butterflies, which lay up to 300 eggs. Overwinter butterfly and pupae in the ground and cracks of wood. The result of the diamondback moth – holey leaves cabbage leaves wilt and crop damage.

Cabbage mol caterpillar

How to deal with cabbage moth?

1. dig the soil in the spring and after harvest.

2. Clean up all traces of cabbage.

3. Treat with chemical and biological agents.

4. weed beds regularly.

5. Observe the rotation.

6. To put near the plants with a strong odor.

7. Water the ground strong-smelling solutions tobacco, orange, lavender.

Total. To cabbage was not eaten by insects is necessary to comply with crop rotation and keep the beds free of weeds. I have assistants in each garden. It frogs and toads, birds and lizards. Attract these animals in your garden. Do not use pesticides unnecessarily.