Cabbage varieties Megaton. To grow big cabbages

Many growers grow cabbage varieties Megaton. How it to grow to heads of cabbage grown large, is written here.
Cabbage Megatone photo

Features grade

Megaton F1 – Middle-hybrid, derived by scientists of the Netherlands. The variety is resistant to diseases and pests. Productivity is high – 8-9 kg 1kv.m. Cabbages juicy, contain up to 5% sugar, dense, with an average weight – 3 5 kg. Fresh cabbage can be stored for up to 3 months, but in a cool basement for much longer. After harvesting the leaves a bit harsh, but after two weeks they are softened.

cabbage variety Megatone f1

Seedlings. When to plant seedlings?

To cabbages grown larger, the cabbage will have to grow seedling method. From germination to the cut-off heads of cabbage takes about 5 months. Therefore, seeds should be sown from April 15th. Cabbage seeds can be sown in the oblong boxes, followed sparring seedlings. If the plant out the seedlings is not planned, it is desirable to sow the seeds in plastic cups or cassettes. The substrate for the germination of seeds need loose and nutritious. It can be purchased in gardening store or mix equal parts with humus turf. To protect against disease, it is desirable to add wood ash.

Sowing seeds

Before sowing the seeds the soil abundantly watered, carried groove and at a distance of 5 cm seeds are sown to a depth of 1 cm.

cabbage Seeds Megatone

Then seeds sprinkled substrate layer and cover foil was transferred into a warm room with 20 ° C temperature. Seedlings will appear in a week. Next day the temperature was lowered to 17 °, and the night to 10 ° C. The seedlings also have further to daylight dosvechivat fitolampy to 12 hours.

Note!Young plants are watered so that the soil remains constantly moist, but not wet.

With the emergence of seedlings sheet 2 need seat on a separate container.

A pick

At the bottom of the tank to pour fine gravel whisper to drain excess water, with a mixture of peat, turf with the addition of sand and ash whispers ratio 2: 1: 0.5 to 2/3. Long root crop third. The soil make deepening and transplanted seedling with a clod of soil. Then gently compacted soil over roots.

Planting in the ground

10 days before planting seedlings is desirable every day for a couple of hours pass on the balcony or in the garden, the plants get used to a lower temperature. Seedlings planted in the beds should be at the end of May, with the appearance of 5-6 true leaves. But if the weather is cold, then planting seedlings wiser to wait. Plants are planted at a distance of 65-70 cm.

Seedlings need to be planted in a sunny, well-ventilated place. Plants planted plentifully poured into the wells, it is desirable to pour therein tablespoon ash, humus or compost. Seedling deepened to 1 true leaf.

Fertilizing seedlings

Yields of cabbage depends mainly on the availability of its nutrients during growth. In acidic soil in autumn make lime is required. Under digging fall on Q1. m make 10 kg of manure, 40g superphosphate. For two weeks before transplanting when digging is made by spring 30 g nitrogen and potassium fertilizers.

Watering cabbage Megaton[/caption]

Important!After watering the soil should be loosened.

4 weeks before the collecting of heads of cabbage watering should be stopped. Spud need twice through 3nedeli after planting and before by closing leaves. Hilling should be combined with mulching the soil organic matter.

Top dressing

Srednepozdnie, these include the F1 Megaton, and late-ripening varieties should be fed 2-3 times. If the soil is fertilized well before boarding, then after two weeks after planting, cabbages need to feed (in the bucket of water was dissolved 100 g of ammonium nitrate), consuming plant 1 200-250 g

Good to know!The second time the cabbage fed at the beginning of the appearance of heads, making only potassium.

In the bucket water stirred 50-60g potassium chloride. Watered at the roots, the plant is enough for 1 1L.

prevention of diseases and pests

1. On a bed cabbage desirable for repelling pests and plant to plant dill high marigolds.

2. It is useful to decompose repellent Belyanko sprigs of tarragon.

3. It is desirable to spray burdock extract, onion, wormwood, celandine, tomato and potato haulm.

4. defeat Kila cabbage leaves wither, it ceases to grow, easy to pull out of the soil. On the roots of plants formed nodules. For prevention to be treated seedlings fitosporin.

5. The emergence of botrytis provokes excessive moisture, while the leaves appear greyish plaque. To prevent botrytis need not delay the harvest cabbages and cabbages cool store room, where temperature just above 0 ° C.

After cutting of heads, all stumps and cabbage leaves from the garden must be removed.