Rosa Shakira is a wonderful choice of gardeners

Rose Shakira is an amazingly beautiful variety of roses. Particular attention is paid to varieties with high resistance to low temperatures and various diseases. A hybrid created by professional flower growers has long been known to landscape designers. Hybrid tea rose Shakira delights with a rich pink hue of buds with beautifully recurved petals and a pleasant sweet aroma. Flowers are resistant to adverse environmental influences and grow in both cold and warm climates.

Rosa Shakira: description

In the process of selection, many varieties of roses have been bred. However, it is worth highlighting several unusual varieties that have unique characteristics. The Shakira variety was bred by Meilland International (France) and is in great demand.

This variety is used for group plantings, for landscape decoration, and for cutting. The bush is tall, straight: the rose has erect stems, reaching a height of 120 cm, the stems are without thorns, the leaves are green, large, not susceptible to disease. The flowers are soft pink with a lilac edging, densely double (55-60 petals). An open flower has a diameter of 12 cm, does not fall off for a long time (up to two weeks). It begins to bloom in May until the first frost.

Roses in landscape design

This species is especially popular in landscape design. The Shakira rose looks especially impressive near conifers: juniper or cypress.

One of the characteristic features of hybrid tea varieties is their seductive aroma. Rose Shakira has a pleasant subtle scent. It is often used in floral arrangements for weddings and other lavish events. A bouquet of roses will bring unprecedented pleasure to a woman with a delicate, refined taste. Cut roses can stand in a vase of water for up to two weeks.

This variety is not afraid of severe frosts and fights well with all diseases.

Cultivation and care

Rosa Shakira hybrid tea is completely unpretentious in care. To successfully grow hybrid tea bushes, several procedures must be followed. The most elementary care measures are enough: watering, fertilizing, loosening the soil, getting rid of weeds.

Planting roses

For planting, it is better to find a sunny and humid place. You need to grow it in fertile, slightly acidic soils, with good breathability.

Additional Information! For additional protection of the hybrid tea bush from drafts and excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, they are planted near small trees or shrubs.

To grow a luxurious bush, you need to plant roses correctly.

  • Choose a place with a low groundwater level, good lighting and no drafts.
  • If the soil is clay, it is necessary to give it lightness due to other components: ash, compost and sand.
  • When planting, it is necessary to wait until the soil warms up. Hybrid tea plants do not tolerate cold soil. The ideal period for their planting is the first half of May.
  • Pits for planting are made at least 50 cm deep so that the roots are freely located. The earth that was taken out of the hole can be mixed with mineral fertilizer.
  • Immediately before planting, the roots are cut until a white cut is formed, then the seedlings are immersed in water for half an hour.
  • The soil should be watered, and also treated with a special compound that activates growth (add to water).
  • Sand is poured at the bottom of the pit, and then pre-prepared soil. Lower the roots into the hole and sprinkle with earth.
  • The first three days after planting roses must be watered. Subsequent watering is done once a week.
Planting roses

This can be done during the warm season in spring or autumn, so that the adaptation of the plants is better.

Watering and fertilizing

The rose needs complex fertilizers and abundant watering once a week. You need to feed the plant throughout the growing season. Organic fertilizers are applied in the spring, minerals are applied during the active period (July), on the eve of autumn it is recommended to fertilize the bush with potassium.

All varieties of hybrid tea roses prefer plentiful, but not frequent watering. A large amount of moisture is required only for young shrubs.

Abundant watering is also necessary during the flowering period of roses. Otherwise, the buds grow small, the petals have a matte color. One adult bush will require more than 9 liters of water.

It is advisable to water with settled water. Leaves and buds do not pour water because of the risk of various fungi. After the onset of autumn, roses are watered only during a period of severe drought.

Roses need food all summer long. For the normal growth of healthy shoots, high-quality and timely top dressing is necessary. For this, special complexes of mineral and organic fertilizers are used. Thanks to this combination, the composition of the soil improves and rapid growth of shoots is observed.

The main top dressing is carried out in the first spring months after pruning the bush. This process allows the plant to grow more actively. For this, ready-made mineral fertilizers are used, which, after watering, are scattered over the bushes. After 7 days, the soil is fertilized with organic fertilizers, cow dung is suitable for this. The fertilizer should be dissolved in water in a ratio of 1: 8, and then left for 14 days to leach.

It is better to fertilize in the evening, after regular watering. It is not recommended to carry out such manipulations on dry land, otherwise you can burn the roots and the plant will die.

The first year after planting, you do not need to feed the root system, because fertilizers have already been applied to the hole.

Pruning hybrid tea roses

Pruning is a necessary procedure to maintain the beauty and health of rose bushes. It is divided into strong and weak. With a weak cut, only a small tip is removed. As a result, there will be many small flowers on the shoot. A strong cut requires the removal of a large part of the shoot. After such events, one should not expect early flowering, but large buds will delight with their beauty.

Pruning hybrid tea roses


When caring for plants, early pruning is very important. However, pruning methods will vary depending on the time of year. In the spring, before growth, old, diseased and dry branches are usually pruned. This procedure will help ensure more abundant flowering.

In summer, dry buds are cut off, which helps to preserve the strength of the plant.

Note! In autumn, unripe shoots or damaged areas of shrubs should be cut. After pruning, it is recommended to destroy them by burning. Because they are the main source of breeding pests.

At the beginning of the season, when the leaves have not yet blossomed, you can spray them with special preparations for diseases.

Hybrids are propagated by cuttings and grafting. When choosing the second option, more abundant flowering is observed.

To protect roses from the cold in winter, it is recommended to close up the grafting site of a seedling of rose bushes with straw. Shelter is a necessary procedure for preparing a tea-hybrid rose for winter. The bushes are covered with peat chips, dry branches or grass, pouring a small hill.

Shakira hybrid tea roses will delight with their bright flowering all summer and even in autumn.