Black Rose Baccarat – sophisticated elegance

In fact, a completely black rose does not exist. Producers have developed dark red varieties, almost black. Their petals are dark and velvety, especially before the flower is fully opened. The Baccarat rose flower is large, perfectly curved, and has a deep pomegranate red color that gives the illusion of black depending on the lighting and time of day.

Rosa Black Baccarat: description

Black Baccara was first introduced in France in 2000 by Meilland International. Black Baccarat is perhaps the most famous and common rose with very dark petals. The color is dark red with a black tint, more intense and velvety, the veins of the petals are very dark. The intensity of the color is influenced by the climate: in cold conditions it is dark, and in milder conditions it is lighter.

Baccarat rose: photo

Strong branches, with dark green glossy foliage, produce solitary flowers with slightly pointed petal tips, just over 10 cm in diameter. The densely double petals with black edges are so dark that their buds are almost like real black ones.

Note! Baccarat roses are hybrid tea roses grown primarily for cut flowers. Black cut roses have a long shelf life in flower arrangements, remaining attractive for more than two weeks.

Buds for cutting

 Growing Baccarat Roses: Care

The Black Baccara rose is suitable for making shrubs in full sun, in good garden soil.

Note! It is worth remembering that seedlings are very sensitive to temperature changes and bright sunlight, so the first few weeks, until the roots of the rose adapt to a new place, it is best to cover them with a film at night.

You can plant hybrid tea roses in open ground both in autumn and in spring. Planting in autumn is recommended in areas with mild winters, but in the middle lane it is preferable in spring. Baccarat roses are extremely cold sensitive, making them difficult to plant.


Speaking about its temperature range, it is worth considering that the Black Baccara rose is not suitable for regions with low temperatures. Outdoor roses require bright sunlight. Shade does not lead to proper growth and flowering.

The soil

For planting, it is necessary to choose fertile loamy soil. It must be well drained, as stagnant water can damage the root system and lead to rapid deterioration of the entire plant. If the chosen location remains damp for a long time, then it is probably not the best choice for this rose.

The soil is fertilized with organic fertilizers such as manure. Mix compost with soil in the ratio: 1 part compost and 2 parts soil.

In terms of planting soil pH, the rose grows over a wide pH range of 5 to 8, ranging from moderately acidic (5.6-6) to slightly alkaline (7.4-7.8).

They plant a plant in the garden, in the place where another rose did not grow before, otherwise rooting will be difficult. Roses leave toxins in the soil that inhibit root growth.


Black Rose Baccarat needs moderate watering. Plants should be watered carefully, trying not to get on the leaves and buds, preferably with settled water. The best time to water is before sunrise or after sunset. As a rule, one thorough watering per week is sufficient. Just check the soil at the base of the rose by sticking your finger into it. If it comes out damp or wet, it doesn’t need to be watered yet.

Watering should be regular, but flowers and leaves should not be wet, as this can contribute to the occurrence of fungal diseases. In the summer, in the heat, watering twice a week satisfies the need for moisture,

Mulching around bushes not only retains moisture, but also suppresses weeds.


Roses of all varieties and types respond very well to fertilizers.

Natural fertilizer

You can fertilize Black Baccara roses in early spring when they start to develop leaves. The first of which is nitrogen fertilizers to stimulate growth. Fertilizers applied in early spring produce flowering if the nitrogen requirement has been met at that time. When re-blooming, give another top dressing immediately after the first large flower begins to develop, the third top dressing – around the middle of summer, to stimulate additional flowering. The final top dressing with potash fertilizers is carried out after the end of flowering, until mid-autumn, to prepare the plants for winter.

Additional Information! Timely application of fertilizers to the soil increases the possibility of timely flowering of good quality. Fertilization also depends on the age of the plant.

You can use ready-made fertilizer with a full range of trace elements.


Pruning roses is necessary for more intense flowering and shape retention. It should be carried out in early spring during the dormant period, before the leaves form.

Pruning rose shoots

Remove dry and diseased shoots. Dispose of them along with leaves and debris lying at the base of the plant, as they can lead to pests and diseases.

Then cut off the side stems that overlap each other. As the leaves open, they will compete with each other for sunlight. The remaining branches are cut back to about one-third of their original height, and you’re done! Wilted flowers are regularly removed.


Rose Baccarat is propagated by cuttings or grafting. It is advisable to buy the plant directly from the nursery, but if you want to try to reproduce it by cuttings, use rooting powder. This will encourage plant growth.

Problems with the Black Baccara rose

Black Baccarat is susceptible to diseases and pests. They suffer from numerous fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, scab. It is necessary to monitor the leaves from time to time (whether they suffer from any disease). One of the big difficulties in growing Baccarat roses is that they are more susceptible to attack by a wide variety of parasites. This vulnerability is the reason why it is less widespread in the recent period.

Insects attacking a black rose:

  • leafhoppers;
  • aphid;
  • red spider mite;
  • caterpillar.

Use insecticides and pesticides to control pests and diseases.

It is necessary to dispose of all debris and dry leaves lying at the base of the plant so that it is protected from pests and diseases.

Black Baccarat is no different from other care varieties. It also needs to be fed and watered, loosened under the bushes and fought against diseases and pests.

With good care, the bush produces several flowers at once, which are ideal for cutting. Baccarat roses tend to recover quickly, allowing you to cut buds without detracting from the appearance of the bush.