Orchids: photo and name

The orchid flowers are very popular all over the world. They are of different shapes, sizes and colors. Each variety is unique and has its own characteristics, and knowledge of these different moments can be an advantage when buying orchids.
Cambria photo

To grow this kind of orchids at home, it is important to ensure a sufficient amount of light, while avoiding direct sunlight. Watering Cumbria should be at least once every 8 days ??. We need to monitor the substrate, so that it was not completely wet. Mostly humidity should always be present.


Miltonia Orchid native to Central America. Natural Miltonia grow on the branches of other plants. Its strengths – bright colors and a variety of forms. This makes it one of the most ornamental orchids.

Miltonia in a pot requires special care, moreover, transplant, unlike other orchids is performed at regular intervals.

To Miltonia grew up in the house, it should be placed in a location where it will receive enough light. As for the temperature, it should not fall below 15 ° C. The roots it must be constantly wet, however, there is no need to water it regularly.


Oncydium orchid native to North America. It is also called”Dancing Princess”. Unlike many species of orchids, need light and warmth from her so that she should be placed in the sun, taking care that the flowers did not burn under its influence. During flowering Oncidium requires frequent and consistent watering. At the end of these periods, watering frequency should be reduced. Otherwise, it may perish.


Additional informationOrchids growing on trees or rocks planted in the very air substrate, rich pine bark or sphagnum:

  • Phalaenopsis;
  • Pafiopedilum;
  • Wanda


Note!Of all the species of orchids are some very well known. Phalaenopsis – common variety, the most famous views! It belongs to the cheapest and easiest to service classes.

Phalaenopsis Orchid native to the Philippines, but also occurs in Indonesia. To protect yourself from high heat, typical of these countries, Phalaenopsis orchid growing on the branches, which are not exposed to sunlight. In addition, it demands to light significant. Therefore, the ideal is its location in a place where there is light, does not reach the sun. Unlike many other species of orchids, its flowers face down.

phalaenopsis photo

Watering Phalaenopsis orchid should be in every ten days.

Phalaenopsis has specific requirements for temperature. During the day, the flower is suitable interval from 20 to 30 degrees. At night, this range varies – from 15 to 25 degrees.


Pafiopedilum known as”the hoof of Venus.” It differs from other species of orchids highly resistant to water. For its development it is important that the substrate was always a bit humid. It should be watered too much, nor too little. As regards the temperature – time interval from 20 to 25 ° C night temperature difference should be at least 7 ° C.

Pafiopedilium, photo
VANDA</ h5>
Orchid that requires attention. This species is quite gentle. Take care of it more difficult.
Wanda, photo

The rare species of orchids

Some rare species of orchids, and some of them are threatened with extinction. Orchid monkey is a type of exceptional beauty. It is a wild plant that blooms only in spring and autumn.

Dove Orchid or Habenaria radiata its beautiful feathered wings. They are currently in the process of disappearing.

The correct amount of water for orchids

Depending on the type of orchid, and the time of year, regardless of flowering, this plant or not, the number and frequency will vary, on average, once every 5-12 days.

Additional information!Orchids do not like drafts and in need of constant humidity of 50 to 70%, especially when it is in the room next to the window.

What do the different orchid?

Orchids that are in constant need of moisture (but not wet);

  • Pafiopedilum;
  • Miltonia;
  • Cymbidium;
  • Dontoglossum.

Orchids, which need constant moisture during the growing season, but that should be left to dry out between waterings.

  • Cattleya.
  • Ontsidy.
  • breaststroke.
  • Dendrobium.

Orchid, which must be allowed to dry between each watering.

  • Phalaenopsis
  • Wanda
  • ascocenda

Tips for growing orchids all

Orchid – a tropical plant that needs warmth and humidity, but it is very important to avoid stagnant water in a pot. There is a great variety of species of orchids, and because they are quite delicate, essential knowledge for every kind of care.

  • You should avoid wetting the leaves when watering. If the leaves are wet, dry them carefully.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, it is advisable to place the orchid behind the curtain.
  • Do not cut the aerial roots that protrude from the pot. They can be gray, not very interesting, but wavy roots are vital for plants. • You can also feed your special orchid fertilizer once a month.
  • After flowering, when all the flowers withered, cut off the stems just above the lowest node. This stimulates the growth of new stems. Orchid can bloom again, if take care of it!

Often wrong, a sharp transition from one mode to another growing, becomes the cause of the disease state of the plant.