How to water orchids at home

to grow orchids at home requires some knowledge in its full and proper care. lighting, fertilization, temperature control is essential in the care of a plant, but the main thing you need to know – it’s like watering an orchid house. Wrong watering can cause illness and even death of the flower.

Proper watering orchids

In order to understand how to properly water the orchid, it is necessary to understand how it is drinking water. Water is absorbed by roots, goes on the stem to the leaves. But in order that the water reached the leaf is not enough just to water flower.

Watering provides for compliance with several rules.

    • Orchid should be watered in the morning when there is light and leaves orchids can give the team the roots begin to absorb water.
    • In the room where the flowers grow should be +25 ° C warm enough just to be a sufficient level of humidity of 50% -60%. At high humidity watering should be done less frequently.
    • At the watering orchids is necessary to consider the time of year – autumn and winter should be watered less frequently, as in the summer, because light in these times of the year is not enough


Note!There are no clear rules for how many times a week or a month watering orchids. Properly watering the orchid when it needs water.

Any cause which has meaning when orchid gives a command to the roots began to absorb water – is light. Orchids need light. If the orchid enough light, it will grow, grow roots, leaves, flower stalks. If the light is not enough, it stops or goes to sleep. That light affects the way that the leaves give the signal to start the roots to absorb moisture. If the light is not enough, this command is not received, and the water and remains in the roots, which leads to rotting of the root system and orchids death.

We need to look at the roots in order to understand whether the lack of light orchid. If the roots of her bright green, sometimes with purple tinge, something light enough, and the orchid can be active watering. If the roots are closed and the tip point appears, it is not enough light, and watering a flower is not desirable. First you have to find a better place, where it will receive enough light for him.

How to determine the needs orchid watering or not

The substrate in the pot should be adequately hydrated and fertilized, thus dry out from time to time, and not be constantly wet.

  • If there is a pot-condensate drops of moisture, the watering is not necessary. It is necessary to wait until the moisture evaporates completely.
  • By weight. Dry orchid weigh less-plant absorbs all the water.
  • The roots of the lighter, they are no longer a bright green color.
  • In the middle of the pot, you can stick a stick and leave for 15-20 minutes. If the stick is wet, you can wait for the curtain.

Water plays an important role for the existence of orchids that they receive all the necessary minerals.

What is the water to water the orchid

There are various methods of irrigation orchids, and therefore can use a different water. Can be watered with water from the tap, considering the hardness of water. Or allow the water to stand to room temperature, it was 20 ° C-30 ° C. And suitable filter for water or water the cooled boiled water. Watering orchids performed until the substrate is not engorged with water.

orchids watering Methods

Information on how to water the orchid, are quite different.

  • a watered enough warm water jet With the help of the soul. Such watering sufficiently useful for orchids, it washes off dust from the leaves. Jet shower should be as soft, so as not to damage the flower. After irrigation sheets should wet cloth to leaves in the recesses not accumulate water. But this method can not be used continuously. </ li>
  • The immersion method. The dip tank with a flower pot, and pour water so that the water reaches the edge of the pot, but not overflowing. Leave on for 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the cortex, and get the pot. </ li>
  • If the pot is large and it is not convenient to put into the container, the orchid, you can simply pour water on all sides, avoiding the central part of the flower and neck. For watering enough 2 liters. </ li>
  • Irrigation by spraying. This method is suitable for orchids, whose roots do not grow in a pot. For flowers that grow in pots, you can also use the spray, but rarely, because in this method the roots do not get enough moisture </ li>

Orchids can adapt to short-term droughts. Their leaves contain an adequate supply of water to survive the dry season.

How to water the orchids blooming

Orchids bloom from 1 to 3 times a year, depending on care. A rule is necessary to take such a principle – less but more often.

Important!This is a tropical plant, and is therefore better not to pour water than to pour. It is sensitive to moisture oversupply.

There are times when the flowering of orchids can reset colors. Orchid is very sensitive to overflow, and the next day after the flowers may begin to fade. To avoid this, water should be at the edge of the pot, the entire circumference, avoiding the central portion.

How to water the orchid after transplantation


Additional informationTransplant – is stressful for the flower


Transplanted orchids in dry soil. After the transplant, it is necessary to water every 2-3 days. Suffice it to 3-4 minutes, lower the pot in a container with water. Water should cover 2/3 with flower pot. After another 2-3 days can be watered flower on top, to the drainage layer. When watering can add fertilizer.

How to water the orchid after purchase

Ordinarily, in the ground may be contained in addition to bark and moss, the means that support the presentation plants – often found drives moisture-sponge. They absorb water in large quantities, and this makes it possible not to water the orchid for some time. After purchasing an orchid can not water a week. We need to look at the state of the cortex-wet or not and on the roots of the color. It is advisable, after passing quarantine, 7-14 days, orchid transplant.

Errors when watering orchids

The process of watering orchids watering different from other indoor plants, so there are problems with orchids for beginners.

  • Problem-solving time for orchids – this summer, when it gets hot. You would think that at this time should be watered more frequently, but it is not. During the heat of the roots it is in a state of shock, and inside the pot collects moisture that evaporates and starts rotting roots.
  • It may seem that the bark and roots have dried up the bright green color, but after watering took 2-3 days. Do not hurry with the watering. More than once a week watering the flower is impossible.
  • In the winter and summer time watering should differ. In winter, the sun and the light is less, so watering should be less frequent, and in the summer because the daylight hours more, and the water takes longer.
  • You can not leave the orchid in the water for a long time. Enough for 15-20 minutes.
  • It is necessary to take into account the substrate, which is growing orchid. Bark dries faster, and expanded clay dries longer, respectively, increases the time between waterings.
  • If you have a lot of aerial roots of orchid, it should be watered less frequently. The roots, which are beginning to grow up,”run” from the water, so moisture in the pot longer than is necessary.

Proper watering – a necessary condition for the life of this exotic flower. Given no complicated rules, you can not grow a single orchid in the home, which will be pleasing to the eye to its rampant growth and colorful blooms.

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