Why not flowers of Kalanchoe? What to make that flowered Kalanchoe?

Kalanchoe – succulent plant, one of the favorite flowers home. In winter, when little flowering plants on the windowsill Kalanchoe charms beautiful flowers.

Why not flowers of Kalanchoe at home

This undemanding plant, as the home culture, began to grow from approximately 80-ies of the last century. Derived hybrids differ in the intensity of flowering, shape and color of the petals and leaves.

Among all flowering species are found, and not blooming species. If flowering Kalanchoe does not want to bloom, the main reason – the wrong care.

Many amateur gardeners believe that the flowering Kalanchoe is an annual plant and throw it after the first flowering. But if cared for properly, they will please flowering for several years.

Like flowers of Kalanchoe

To flower again able to grow and bloom, for this he needs a rest phase. Rest periods need to plant under favorable conditions, the collected energy for flowering and growth. Cause the appearance of the flowers of the plant, it is possible if it is kept in conditions of rest for 2 months.

Why Kalanchoe is stretched and does not bloom?The reasons may be different why not kalanchoe blooms at home and pulled high. What to flowered Kalanchoe?

Kalanchoe does not bloom and stretched

Having studied it is possible to learn the life cycle of cause and cause the appearance of inflorescences of the plant. Flowering is the end of the vegetative cycle, which in most plants is constantly repeated from year to year.

Additional information!We Kalanchoe appearance of new buds in the home takes place in the period from December to July.

There may be several reasons why this process has been broken, from which one can understand why not a decorative Kalanchoe blooms:

  • unsuitable climatic conditions;
  • the wrong watering schedule;
  • improper placement on the windowsill;
  • lighting is poor;
  • unsuitable temperature conditions;
  • no fertilizing or over-saturation of soil nutrients;
  • no rest period.

House plant can withstand the heat and dryness in modern apartments. Height formed flowers and buds be suspended if the air becomes cool or drafts occur. In warmer months, it is recommended to maintain the room temperature not higher than +25 ° C.

NoteIf the ambient temperature is not changed, but not decorative Kalanchoe blooms – it may be a natural aging plants


Watering is carried out with water at room temperature once a week – usually on the heat. The flower does not tolerate frequent and abundant watering. The next watering is carried out when the soil dries 2 cm. In winter, reduce watering to 2 times a month.

How often flowering Kalanchoe? Another fact that should be considered florist: Kalanchoe pleased with its flowering only once a year. This culture blooms sporadically, even in the wild.

Tropical flowers always love sunlight. Kalanchoe is desirable to place on the sunny side, but avoid direct sunlight. Summer suitable for placing flower western and eastern side sills. With a large number of light leaves becoming saturated in color. With a deficit of light leaves turn pale and become thinner, the shoots are stretched, and then flowering and growth stops.

Among the common causes for which new buds do not appear – excessively rapid growth of succulents. Kalanchoe blooms and not drawn when the owner does not follow the height of a house plant and not to limit it. The optimal plant size should not exceed 25-35 cm stem can grow up to 40 cm when in the care of these mistakes have been made for him.:

  • abandonment of crop shoots;
  • a large amount of fertilizer;
  • high ambient temperatures.

ImportantWhen the plant is limited in growth, but does not plan to bloom and the leaves appear whitish stains or cracks – it means exhausted the earth in a pot


How to make Kalanchoe flower at home

Prepare the culture of the new season of flowering as soon as the plant ottsvetot. After the flowers on the plant withered and dried up, they are cut.

Otherwise, the plant will not be able to properly prepare for the next season of flowering. At the same time cut off unnecessary shoots, to give the desired shape flower. Such pruning is carried out continuously, with the growth of new shoots. This will form a lush, beautiful bush.

Succulents in heat form the high bush flower needs to be translated in a cool place. Overfeeding prevents the formation of flower buds because fertilizer stimulates the growth of leaf mass.

Flowering Kalanchoe

Stress makes it possible to stimulate the release of stems, but only if it does not last long and controlled. The sequence of operations will be as follows.

  • Gain watering frequency. The soil under the succulent must be constantly moist for 2-3 days.
  • Double portion of fertilizers. The plant will rise “sleeping” kidneys.
  • Loosening the soil at the roots.

Aeration of the root system provides the roots of the plant air.

How to crop flowering kalanchoe for?

Pruning is recommended for all types of ornamental plants as a measure to stimulate flowering. Since the development of the stem with the top runners have a tendency to stretch and become infertile.

It is important to know how to pinch Kalanchoe her to blossom. Two processes (topping and pruning) are similar to each other, so they can be combined into one:

First you need to choose the weakest apexes, which for a long time were not strewn with flowers. A small portion of the stalk removed with scissors or your fingers to the wound was small.

The edges of the stems to avoid the death of a flower after topping treated ash or activated carbon.

The process of removing wilted stems and leaves to prevent the development of diseases and the plant will give a neat appearance.

Tips for care bloom

To flower buds appeared on the houseplant care regimen should be reconsidered.

Permanent stay on the window sill on the sunny side of the house, forcing the plant to grow in height, spending on this process all the juices.

It is necessary to refuse from excessive watering. The leaves can accumulate moisture and spend it gradually, so the lack of water is not as damaging as the surplus. In the summer watering process should be carried out once a week, twice a month in the winter.

Fertilize the plant ready fertilizer for succulents. If it does not bloom, it could mean that he wanted mineral complex with potassium, sodium and manganese in the composition.

Kalanchoe is easy to grow, and with that can handle even the children who are interested in flowers.