Why not flowers Hippeastrum (amaryllis)?

Houseplant gippeastrum loved by growers for simplicity. Flower with long linear leaves, bloom large flowers of various hues. They can also be double and striped. One flowering shoots, are collected in a bouquet of a few flowers that bloom about two months or more. Their number depends on the species and variety.
How gippeastrum bloom?

Why Hippeastrum in the home is not in bloom. What should I do?

At room conditions bulbous plant grows well and blooms. If the plant does not bloom for a long time, so care for the rules have been violated.

not blooms amarillis- some leaves

There are several reasons, which are not simple conditions are met:

  • excessive soil moisture;
  • is not properly fed plants;
  • unsuitable for the flower pot large or intimate;
  • Incorrect bulb planting depth;
  • Do not cut the stems after flowering;
  • not created a period of rest.

Important!Hippeastrum plant is very light, in the shadows feel bad, but does not tolerate direct sunlight.

The ideal temperature for the life of this plant – 18-20 C. It is able to withstand any room temperature, dry air easily moves in the apartment with central heating, but comfortable for flowering is the temperature 20 degrees. If the room is very warm, gippeastrum may bloom, but the flowers will wither quickly.

not flowering Hippeastrum

Rest period needed a flower, and that the plant he began, healthy well-fed bulbs are cleaned in a dark cool place. Duration of holiday bulbs lasts an average of 3 months, but it still depends on the content of the previous season and storage conditions.

Additional informationin the rest of the flower period pronounced: in August-September, it stops growing and it leaves die completely, in October and January appears spike


While the flower stem is not increased up to 10-15 cm, moderate watering is carried out, as the drying of the upper layer. As soon as the blossoms unfold, watering should be increased, but the soil is not poured Hippeastrum should not be constantly wet soil – the bulb will die, and then flowering not wait. Watering must be careful, in any case, the water should not fall on the bulb, otherwise the upper scales may rot.

How watering amaryllis?

Preferably with water the plant tray, and in a rest period gippeastrum in water is not needed.

The earth in the pot should be nutritious as lush flowers from bulbs require a lot of nutrients that they get from the soil.

liquor continuously stores energy for flowering, so you should regularly fertilize the ground in a pot, just so Hippeastrum can gain strength for flowering. Fed the plant and when it has faded. A month before the period of rest stop fertilizing.

Note!Create a rest period requirement for Hippeastrum to plant bloomed.

Contents Hippeastrum alone requires a low temperature (10 ° C), dark and dry, but not basement. All yellowed, withered leaves are cut. In December and early January, a pot of Hippeastrum taken out of darkness and put on the windowsill in the shade. When the arrow reaches 10 centimeters, permute the lighted side.

Too large a pot – a common mistake among gardeners. A large number of flower land is actively growing, increasing number of leaves, there are additional tubers. All his forces leave the rapid growth of stalks, and it ceases to bloom. Hippeastrum transplanted into a pot smaller, it will please gardeners magnificent flowers.

When planting bulbs do not put it completely into the ground – deepened into the ground so that a third of the bulb rises above the earth. When she grow a root system firmly strengthened in the ground. Fertilizers are applied only after rooting. If it is sitting tight and not loose, it can feed.

flowering period takes about 3 weeks, if the bulb throws out a few stems, the flowering periods can be extended. At the flowering duration of effect and temperature. At high temperatures, the pitch rapidly expanded, fast and fade.

How to make gippeastrum bloom?

How to achieve flowering? It is necessary to define the conditions under which contain flower. The vegetation period is very important for the plant, it determines the future of Blooming buds. This period lasts for an average of about 8-9 months. At this time the plant grows, recovers after flowering, it increases the size of the leaves and bulbs, lays the flower stems for the future flowering.

Stages flowering

For flowering is important that the bulb is in a period of growth regained its strength and has laid a flower arrow. Planted small onion (less than 6 cm) – is the kids. So the bulbs to bloom early, they need to increase the volume. They are exposed to light and fed fertilizers with nitrogen and potassium.

It is advisable to repot the plant every year, as during the growing season to use plants all the nutrients in the soil, the bulb will not have enough micronutrients for a new flowering. They will get stronger over the growing season (spring and summer) and will lay the flower arrow.

Hippeastrum released arrow

To recover your power bulb needs proper feeding. During flowering time – phosphorus-potassium, and small amount of nitrogen after flowering – nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus content is small. Chemical fertilizers are better for alternating – Hippeastrum well disposed towards him. In specialized stores you can buy special fertilizer for bulbous plants.

The plant has received enough light, can not blossom. Photophilic Hippeastrum put on a sunny south window. Hippeastrum pot should not be too spacious. The distance from the bulb to the pot wall should not exceed more than 3 cm.

Plant definitely needs a rest. When it begins to drop leaves, it is sent in a dark cool place for 3 months. After rapid growth period, the bulb will need two to three months to rest in a cool dark place.

In order not to weaken the liquor, spike after the wilted flower buds should be cut leaving about 10 cm. When the remainder of the arrow is withered, it can be easily unscrewed.

Hippeastrum are transplanted each year, as at the time of flowering spent all the nutrients in the soil, which means that the next bloom can not see.

There are some ways to apply the growers to plant blossomed:

    • In the middle of summer the leaves are cut off, the bulb is not watered month, and then make fertilizer when watering – bloom almost immediately;
    • liquor before planting should be sent to hot water (45 degrees) for three hours – three weeks there will be flowers;
    • at the end of the summer to carry a pot with a bulb in dark places, and in the end of January to start watering – flowering starts after 1.5 months


Proper care and control of pests and diseases will provide a flowering plant. If the flower room suffering from diseases and pests, all his efforts are directed at the destruction of insects, rather than flowering.

Terms of care after blooming Hippeastrum in the home

The dormant period lasts from early autumn to mid-winter. At that time, special bulbs conditions of detention must be observed. The first step is to reduce watering until the leaves dry up and send a container with a bulb in a dark cool place. The roots are not dried up, lightly moisten the soil every three weeks. it is not recommended to bother bulb at this time.

Amaryllis: care after flowering

The flower will please their masters bright flowering if he has enough bright windowsill, the right conditions of detention, and created a period of rest, when we are preparing for a new flowering. In good conditions, may bloom twice a year. Subject to such simple conditions for the care of its lush flowering Hippeastrum guaranteed.

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