Cyclamen in the house

Cyclamen room – a popular house plant. Scientists, breeders brought a large number of varieties, some of which are ideal for growing in the home. The most popular among gardeners its Persian view.

Cyclamen home – a plant height of 15-30 cm, with beautiful leaves in silver divorces, on long stalks and large flowers on long peduncles: white, pink, orange, red and purple colors. It can grow 10-15 years and annually produce up to 70 flowers. Persian cyclamen tuber is large and is located on the ground surface.

In summer the plant is at rest, and in autumn begins to build new leaves and buds produce, which are hidden under the leaves. Depending on the type of bloom falls on the late autumn, winter and spring. Flowering lasts up to 3.5 months.

for a potted flower care

Growing cyclamen Persian requires some knowledge. It is characterized by a long period of rest, at the end of which throws up new buds. About cyclamen respond as capricious and difficult to cultivate plants. But the few requirements that you need to follow when caring for them are quite affordable. Caring for cyclamen at home is easy, and with proper care it will please their flowering for many years.

Care cyclamen


The room temperature is of great importance for the successful cultivation of cyclamen. Grow and bloom, they will be in a cool place, if it’s hot in the room, then circled the foliage and flowering plants have stopped.

not comfortable as well as for heat and thermophilic plants temperature is below 10 degrees. Cyclamen best feels in a cool room at a temperature of 14 ° C in a high humidity penumbra.

NoteThe main condition for abundant blooms – bright and cool place. Good lighting is required only during the bookmark buds and blooms, rest during it he does not need.

The optimum temperature for cyclamen winter about + 10 ° C, not higher than 12-14 ° C. In summer, it clears the leaves and resting. When raising the temperature to +20 Persian cyclamen it is at rest. If possible, you can make a pot in a shady spot in the garden and prikopat.

Plant light-requiring, but can not tolerate pryamyx sunlight. Cyclamen grow better on the eastern and western window sills. On the south – pritenyayut them from the hot rays of the sun. On the northern windowsills plants will experience a lack of light.


Watering Cyclamen should be only when the soil surface in the pot has dried slightly. Cyclamen can moisturize and bottom pallet, immersing the flower pot with the water for 10-15 minutes and then the water was drained from the pallet.


ImportantThe overabundance of water can cause fungal diseases of plants – Cyclamen leaves turn yellow and the tuber rots


Before the appearance of the plant buds occasionally sprayed. With the emergence of flower spraying should be discontinued. To increase the humidity of the plant can be put on a tray of damp moss, or expanded clay pebbles

During flowering plants watered carefully defended soft water, not to wet the leaves and buds, preventing waterlogging and overdrying earthen coma. Cyclamen is easier to transfer a slight drying of the soil than excessive watering it.

After flowering, gradually reduce watering, and by the beginning of summer, when all the leaves turn yellow and wither watered very seldom.


During the formation of the green mass to the early flowering plants are fed every 2 weeks for complete mineral fertilizer. The overabundance of fertilizer can stimulate active growth of the leaves, but not the formation of buds. Nitrogen fertilizers can lead to rotting of the root tubers. Cyclamen respond well to organic fertilizing.

Care flowerpots at rest

Blooming cyclamen continues for a long time, but in April and May, it is coming to an end – the leaves begin to turn yellow and fall off. The plant goes into a resting state. Therefore, gradually reduce watering, and when all the leaves turn yellow and wither – watered infrequently.

Note!Withered flowers and yellowed leaves of cyclamen are removed, including the peduncle.

Remaining bare tubers of cyclamen summer is stored in the soil, in a cool place, only slightly moistening occasionally. You can pot at this time to make a secure place by the sun in the garden or on the balcony.

Transplanting indoor cyclamen

Transplantation is conducted at the end of summer, when the plant begins to revive after dormancy. It is performed when the tuber of the flower does not fit in the pot, or you want to change the soil in the pot.

transplant cyclamen

When planting should take into account the variety of cyclamen, because their roots are different lowered into the ground. The European species completely bury the root, in Persian it should be a little on the ground.

Important!At the time of transplant,”Alpine violet” can not completely bury the tuber, part of it should be above the soil surface. At the bottom of the pot poured a good drainage.

For the Persian cyclamen need a small pot. European species are planted in more spacious. This is due to the growth of roots. In Persian species are facing down and the European fills their capacity throughout.

Further care

In late July-early August, begin to appear new leaves. At this time, the top layer should be replaced with fresh substrate or transplant cyclamen.”Alpine violet” transplanted into fresh soil, and after the transplant was placed in a well-lit place, protected from direct sunlight. Since that time, resuming regular watering and feeding of cyclamen. If proper care cyclamen, the plant again soon release a set of buds and blooms.

Cyclamen room multiplication

Cyclamen reproduce difficult at home. Flower growers usually resort to the division of the tuber. Seed propagation time-consuming.

Propagation cyclamen seeds

During transplantation tuber can be divided, while complying with caution, as any even slight damage to his flower worsen the condition.

yellow leaves of cyclamen[/caption]

Yellowing leaves of cyclamen, may have led the excessive heat in the room. High temperature approximates a rest period of plants. Cyclamen can provide a cool window sill, with a bright light, but not direct sunlight, and water after a light drying of the soil in the pot.

Diseases and pests Cyclamen

    • «Dry rot” – fungus disease which is manifested in yellowing of leaves. The fungus spreads through the young roots of the tuber. The affected tissues are destroyed. General view of the plant deteriorates.
      Fusarium – dry rot
    • «wet rot” – a very dangerous bacterial disease. Cyclamen infection often occurs in places of separation of leaves or stems. The plant begins to wilt, root – rot. Cyclamen destroyed in order to prevent disease in other plants.
      Wet rot
    • «Gray mold” – the fungus that attacks the weakened plants. He was especially dangerous in the wet and cold air. The affected parts of the plant darken and die. Remove the affected parts of diseased plants treated with fungicide. Less commonly, it is poured.
      Gray mold
    • Root rot caused by various fungi when planting cyclamen in ordinary garden soil, which is not treated with the steaming. Disease often attacks young cyclamens.
    • «sooty fungus” – black fungus that appears on the secretions of aphids on the leaves left. If you do not take the necessary measures, the affected leaves wither with time. Sooty plaque wet wash cloth soaked in a 2% aqueous solution of green soap.

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Flowering cyclamens are extremely beautiful and attract attention. To achieve a long and abundant flowering, you must abide by the rules, which will help to grow healthy and beautiful plants.

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