How to propagate azaleas at home

Azalea (Azalea) – a beautiful houseplant, but it is difficult to grow. It does not tolerate errors in the care and unsuitable conditions. Before we proceed to its cultivation, will need to be thoroughly acquainted with the recommendations.

How to propagate azaleas at home

There are five ways azalea breeding. Each of them is more or less time-consuming, is adapted to a particular season and effect on survival. reproduction method is selected in accordance with the objectives pursued and the number of seedlings that will be obtained.

How multiplies azalea

Cuttings – the most popular method, which is carried out only during the growing season, ie spring. laborious procedure, but gives good results. Material taken from healthy plants.

Seed propagation of any plant is no easy task. Most often this method is used for the selection of breeders of new varieties or for the simultaneous rearing of a large number of samples.

For dividing the bush using adult plants over three years. This method is suitable for beginners growers. Bush is divided into two or more parts, which have their roots. Fast seedling adaptation occurs, if properly selected composition of the substrate and care.

Vaccination is used rarely, only when it is impossible to use other methods, in particular in difficult rooting. The best time to perform the operation the growing season plants (the second half of May and June). Prepared bush, which will be vaccinated and stalk (grafting grade azalea) length of about 15 cm with one eye. It is necessary to carry out slanting cuts on the future site of the compound of the stock and the scion, then placing them in the desired position fix with plastic wrap.

breeding layering method gives good results, but it is more suitable for the garden of azaleas. Plant shoots break into the ground, after a while in this place there are roots.

You can select the appropriate method of assessing all the data: the age of the plants, growing conditions, the objectives pursued.

Propagation by cuttings: advantages and disadvantages

Azaleas are one of the rare plants that have problems with reproduction cuttings. Among the disadvantages of low survival. Advantages of this method: the preservation of species characteristics, availability of several new pieces.

Cuttings are cut from the plant which three years. If you take the azalea is too young for breeding, cuttings may wither before taking root. If we take a more mature plant, the nutrients it will not be enough, which is also a negative impact on rooting.

Step by step procedure for propagation by cuttings at home.

  • selects appropriate cuttings 8-10 cm long with a few leaves.
  • Prepare the soil and teplichku.
  • Water the substrate.
  • dipping the cuttings root stimulator.

For rooting cuttings immersed in a growth stimulant for 5 hours. IAA can be used, two tablets which should be diluted in 1 liter of water.

Scissors should not be used for cutting cuttings only a sharp knife. Edge makes oblique, lower leaves are removed, and the top cut in half. This is done to ensure that nutrients are directed to the formation of the root system. The lower part is cut by the kidney.

The breeding season for azaleas home runs from March to October. For the best seedling growth overlay film. Once a week teplichku removed, and the plants aerate. cuttings planted in the soil will become stronger and will bloom in about 2-3 years.

home care after the purchase, transfer

Repotting plants is performed after acquisition of azalea in the store, as grows the root system requires more space.

In the first winter azaleas need to stimulate growth, create artificial lighting and heating, while maintaining high humidity. If the plant begins to develop in the first year of life, for it will be difficult to maintain.

How to transplant the young azaleas in a separate pot. If young azaleas started to feel bad the problem is probably in poor soil or in unsuitable conditions. Leaves turn yellow and fall off, if the soil lacks minerals, or if the soil is acidic enough.

Transplanted adult plants after flowering once every three years. Particular attention is paid to the roots. To avoid damage, flower transplanted method overload. On the roots of azaleas is a special microflora, so the plant will die if it is damaged. The neck should not be buried in the ground, otherwise the plant will wither.

Important!If the transplant azaleas in the winter, it will negatively affect its flowering.

After transplanting soil abundantly watered, then held a four-day interval.

Note!The young plants are well branched off to form a magnificent crown, you need to nip off the tops of the shoots. If azalea blossom, the flowers are removed, because the plant is still weak.

The second topping and pruning is carried out in March next year.

What kind of soil is suitable for rooting.are used acidic soil loose. Universal soil for breeding and growing azaleas is not suitable for them to find a special mixture. Ready-mix for rhododendrons are sold in flower shops.

Watered sparingly, as the soil dries. A month later, the plants may take root. The emergence of new shoots indicates a good survival. If this does not happen, it is likely that the germ does not take root.

Additional information!The seedlings of large-rooted azaleas for four months, and a few months, it is not growing.

After rooting seedlings film is removed first for 2-3 hours and then 4-5 hours and t. D. After transplantation azalea pots in separate them again ?? cover film in two weeks so that they quickly take root.

The temperature and lighting

For breeding azaleas used very bright and warm place in the house. For successful rooting observe air temperature of about 25 C. The room should not be a draft, but at the same time, the air must not stagnate, so the room is aired periodically.

The cultivation of seeds: what is good for this method

Cultivation azalea seed is a labor intensive process. This method has the advantage that you can get the desired amount of seedlings, which is good for production scale. If the seeds germinate, the seedlings appear within two weeks. The main condition is the quality of fresh seed and suitable growing conditions.

Important!If the seeds are stored in a cool dry place, they can be used up to three years. reproduction method azaleas fresh seeds can last up to 90 days.

The seeds can be collected independently after flowering period. The seeds are small and have an elongated shape, each length of 0.5 to 2 mm.

Time to collect seeds late autumn. They should have a good mature and become dark brown in color. After their collection, for a few days, they are wrapped in paper, and dried.

What should be the soil for planting seeds

Important parameters for the soil:

  • water permeability;
  • breathability;
  • mineral saturation;
  • lightness;
  • acidity of pH 4-4,5.

You can start breeding azaleas in February, but they need additional lighting to create daylight of 12 hours. Seeds are sown in the ground with higher nutrient layer or a peat pellets. sowing period from March to April.

How to grow a lush azalea seed? Mandatory conditions for germination are light and humidity. Above the growing seedling greenhouse: container is covered with glass or film, are periodically opened for ventilation. To seed is not overheated, it is desirable to spray the soil of the sprayer.

Important!The soil should be warm before planting.


For growing seeds suitable temperature 20 C and glare. In this situation, the seeds germinate in 2-4 weeks, shoots appear irregularly. Azaleas are transplanted when the shoots appear on several true leaves.

How to grow azaleas? light, humidity, soil acidity and patience – all you need to get new rhododendrons at home. Good material for breeding is the key to good seed germination and rooting, and in a few months azalea appreciate its magnificent crown.

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