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Friday’s milk through – an important medicinal plant. Scientific studies have shown that its seeds and substance contained in them, Silimarine can have a positive effect on the recovery of the liver. With proper landing and care, you can collect valuable seeds yourself and use them.

Characteristics of the Distribution

Pttya ram (Silybum Marianum), asteraceae family (AsteracEae), originally from the Mediterranean. In nature, more than 120 species of milk thistle grows, and they all have similar characteristics. She also spread through Europe, and it can be found in a wild form on the rocky sunny slopes, on the side of the roads, on wasteland, as well as a decorative plant in the garden.

The millet is a beautiful reurenik. Since ancient times, it is considered an important medicinal plant, and is highly valued for the detoxification effect. In the people, the plant is also referred to as a ruler, a bodian, a tattar, a thistle. It is easy to learn on a large green-marble, with white streaks leaves, with small spikes around. Their length is from 20 to 50 centimeters, and the width is about ten centimeters.

The millennium multi-year grows in a height of 40 centimeters to two meters. Stems plants are slightly pubescent, deep enough roots to find a support on the stony and dry soil. Of the deep root grows high, branched and almost naked stem with a brownish tide.

At the top of the shoots are magenta spherical flowers. Character baskets with a diameter of about 7 cm. They are surrounded by a variety of bracts with a central groove. Flowers Culture to deep autumn, forming a bright purple flowers from June.

Plant Seeds

Since September, fruits are developing with black and gray seeds. The 5-mm oval seeds closed fruits have hair similar as dandelions. They are called Khokholkom and are used for seed flight.

Care features

The burdock grows well at sunny places, sandy, well-drained soil. Soil is desirable should be a bit poor. The recommended pH value is from neutral to a slightly alkaline. The milk thistle does not like acidic soil.

Additional information! As practice shows, the thistle grows on any soil. In addition to irrigation, in conditions of a strong drought, the milking does not require much care, not afraid of a long drought or temporary cold. In general, the plant is very resistant to disease and pests.


Spotilla is a spider – annual in our conditions. It is possible to grow it only from seeds. Spread the burdock in the spring sowing. In the greenhouse or on the windowsill sowed two seeds in a pot, selecting a stronger plant. Germination occurs in two or three weeks. Seedlings are placed on the garden at a distance of about 40 centimeters.

They sow in an open ground in April, at a distance of 50 cm. After the appearance of sections, it is thinned in a row to about 30 cm.

First, tiny young leaflets, which quickly turn into a rosette of green spiny leaves with white spots sprinkle out of the ground. Then the stalks begin to raise the stalks from the sheet outlet, at the ends of which spiny buds are formed. Over time, they turn into violet flowers,

Distracy as a medicinal plant

Spotilla is broken – one of the most valuable medicinal plants for the liver. Seeds contain a substance of Silimarine, which, as proven, has a strong protective effect on the organ, supports its functions and stimulates bile outflow.

Military oil

For this reason, the medicinal plant is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of liver diseases, such as jaundice or hepatitis.

In addition to silimarine, there is a bitter substance, flavonoids and oily oils (neutral fats). The medicinal grass can also help with the following ailments:

  • with digestive disorders;
  • increases the secretion of bile;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • acts as a powerful antioxidant;
  • suppresses inflammation and allergies
  • reduces heat;
  • helps from headaches.

It is considered a means of depression. It is used externally with hemorrhoids, ulcers and varicose veins. The simple infusion of seeds also helps when the abdomen is in the gases.

Additional information! Today there are a large number of drugs containing nonsense. There are even prescription drugs that are used for liver disease.

Raw collection

At the beginning of the summer, the floral heads begin to collect, while they are still with white hairs. Seeds are collected gradually, as it matures, starting from the end of August until October. Floral heads are located indoors and give them mature. When they are completely dried, you can beat the seeds from them. Subsequently, they are used for therapeutic purposes.

Please note! Keep the grains in a dark place in hermetic container.

Application Distorus

In the past, the millet was used in the kitchen. Today, such use is rarely applied. Seeds of the medicinal plant are recommended to use everywhere where there are health problems associated with poor liver function, or where the liver needs cleaning.


How to make it yourself to prepare a helpful milk thistle tea from the collected seeds? Two teaspoons of crushed seeds are poured with 200 milliliters of boiling water. They are covered with a lid and it is possible to brew 15-20 minutes, and then filter. Drink a cup of infusion from the milk thistle three times a day per hour before meals. In order for the medicinal plant to stimulate the work of the liver and biliary tract, removed toxins, the treatment of tea should last from four to six weeks.

For detoxification, you need to make tea correctly. With a simple brewing of seeds with boiling water, useful substances are practically not allocated. Silimarine is poorly soluble in water: crushed seeds need to be boiled at least 5 minutes, and then insist for 15 minutes.

Notice! In order for the medicinal plant to stimulate the work of the liver and biliary tract, the treatment of tea should last from four to six weeks.

Grinding seeds are added to sugar or honey so that Silimarine is better absorbed into blood, and take 2-4 teaspoons a day for one month. The oil is used on 1 tablespoon inside 1 time per day.

Rasschoch – a safe and excellent portable plant, no negative results after reception has no.

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