We grow the first spring flowers in the garden

In March, spring begins with the blossoming of primroses. The first flowers of spring will cheer you up after a long gloomy winter. Many of them appear even when there is still snow. Early spring flowers are completely unpretentious, which makes them ideal plants for a suburban area. They can stay in the ground and reproduce in the spring for many years without any care. A small corner with the right exposure to the sun is enough for them to have an ideal soil and proper water supply.

Spring perennial flowers: features

Perennial plants return every season from year to year, ensuring flowering from early spring to the onset of warmer summer days. they can bloom even before the snow melts. Spring weather is changeable, and these plants can cope with changing weather.

Pay attention! Some, for development, need sunlight, the rest prefer shade. Spring garden flowers that love the sun will not bloom in the shade, and shade lovers will suffer if they are planted in direct sun. When planting perennials, you need to make sure that they can survive the winters in this climatic zone.

In the spring, these plants are not cut, you need to wait for the end of flowering. On the other hand, it is possible to clean the plants so that they can catch sunlight.

What flowers bloom in early spring?

Spring primroses are an ornament not only in natural conditions, but are also often grown on garden plots.

What are the spring flowers? Spring flowers names:

  • daffodils;
  • crocuses;
  • tulips;
  • hyacinths;
  • reticulated iris;
  • primroses;
  • common liverwort;
  • adonis.

Daffodils – this is a very easy-to-grow bulb, loves shady and cool places, humidity, but also adapts well to sunlight with appropriate watering. They are very popular due to their diversity. Almost 24,000 cultivated forms of narcissus have a large selection of flowers: yellow, white or orange. These flowers are not only beautiful, it is also easy to plant


Crocuses are bulbous flowers, their stems grow up to 20 cm. Varieties of crocuses are divided into autumn and spring. Purple spring flowers that enliven the garden may bloom early, (depending on the variety). Although the crocus is resistant to low temperatures, this spring flower needs at least a little sunlight to grow. Moist soil is equally important. They come in different colors, the size depends on the variety. Crocus practically does not need care, they do not need a lot of water, and they reproduce by themselves.

Spring crocuses

Spring flowers tulips are a symbol of spring, one of the most popular flowering plants in gardens, the most colorful spring flowers are available in different shapes, sizes and flowering time. Tulips are versatile, and grow in the sun and in partial shade. It is important to consider the type of soil, which should be rich and well-drained.

Tulip flowers

Reticulated irises are the earliest, blooming in early spring, most often blue, purple, yellow or mixed colors, depending on the variety. The flowers look like small flowers of a bearded iris with drooping petals, but the plants are much smaller, growing up to only 15 cm in height.

Reticulated irises

Hyacinths are available in almost all color shades: from white to pink, from red to orange, blue or purple. Each hyacinth bulb usually produces one peduncle 40 to 70 cm high.


Additional information! After the hyacinths bloom, the flowers are removed, but not the foliage. Bulbs need leaves to gather energy for flowering next year. At the end of the spring season, the foliage naturally dies off. They are removed when the leaves turn brown to prevent fungal diseases. Hyacinth bulbs can remain in the ground all year round in most planting areas.

Bulbous are not the only spring garden flowers that can bloom in early spring. Many perennial flowers also bloom in early spring.

Primroses are the first spring flowers that peek out immediately after the end of winter. Some species are resistant to low temperatures, so they often bloom in March. It is not difficult to grow them, because they do not need special care. Primrose primrose is available in a variety of colors, although white and yellow are the most popular. There are also colorful species – but they are very rare and difficult to find.

Primroses are the first flowers


 Pay attention! In the garden, primroses are planted in soil very rich in humus, previously fertilized with compost. Primroses suffer from heat and drafts, so they should be in a protected, partially shaded place. They are watered regularly, but allow the soil to dry well between watering.

Liverwort (Hepatica) is a primrose that pleases in the earliest spring. Mea long-growing shade-loving perennial stands out with a carpet bloom of blue flowers. Colder areas of the garden with permeable soils and a lot of moisture suit them, but otherwise this spring flower is easy to grow.

Liverworm (Hepatica)

Adonis reveals its beautiful bright flowers with melting snow. A small perennial likes moderately dry and well-drained soils, it is very easy to care for and it looks attractive. The flowers are yellow, and the leaves look like a fern. In summer, the plant is at rest.

adonis flower

Spring flowers are early. A bed of spring flowers

You can create a flowerbed of plants of the same color or with types of different inflorescences. There is a very large selection of yellow flowers in the spring flower season. These flowers are primroses: tulips, daffodils. Yellow spring flowers always create a good mood Cheerful, warm, bright as the sun.

Spring flower bed

Small blue flowers such as grape hyacinths, reticulated irises and other messengers of spring indicate that spring has come Spring blue flowers can add interesting accents to the garden. Blue is a color that comes in different shades, and can decorate almost any home garden. A rare shade of such flowers will decorate or balance the plants of warm tones. They contrast beautifully with the many yellow and white flowers of early spring.

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