Planting tulips

Tulips – bulbous plants of the lily family

Botanical description

Plants have a more or less elongated, fleshy leaves. Flowers in tulips are located on an arrow. Painted perianth plant consists of six pointy oval-stakes collected in wide-bell shape.

Planting tulip bulbs

The bulbs are planted usually picking their color colors, clean and colorful Kohler. Applied and combined landing. Tulips, as well as daffodils, their valuable early-spring flowering (from the first half of May), when the colors do not so much.

The culture is similar to the culture of tulips daffodils.

Tulips give four or five children, who become full-fledged bulbs two – four years.

Planting bulbs produced in the second half of September, to the bulb until the fall had to take root.

The distance between the bulbs depending on their size. Bulbs 3.5 centimeters in size (the uterus) are planted at a distance of 15-20 centimeters, 2.5 centimeters bulb (first examination) – at a distance of 10 centimeters, the bulbs 2 centimeters (second analysis) – at a distance of 8 centimeters, smaller bulb (third analysis) – at a distance of 6 centimeters.

Planting depth for large bulbs – 10 centimeters for smaller -6-7 centimeters above the ground onion. On heavier soils, bulbs are planted 2-3 cm smaller in the lungs – 2-3 centimeters deep.

Good to know!Two years after planting make digging the bulbs. Dig the bulbs in July, but not before the aerial parts of the plants turn yellow and at least half of the entire surface of the bulb pobureet.

When digging is necessary to avoid mechanical damage to the bulbs. Dug out the bulbs are dried in the shade and the wind. In the sun, they often crack and, moreover, in a very short period of time – 30-45 minutes. It is impossible to overdry the bulbs, especially in light soils.

In the dried bulbs should remove the old scale, land and separate kids.

Large bulbs usually have kids. Some of them bloom in the next year, and some – in a year, and the most malenkie- two years.

Interesting experience tulips culture has Florist Kupala.

“Tulips in my garden, – he says – is very much in different colors: white, pink, red, bronze, brown, purple, temnofioletovye, colorful, popugaychatye. In osnovnom- Darwin tulips, but there are early varieties. Grandiflora lot of bright red tulips Turkestan.”

Tulips bloom in the second half of May.

Care tulips

The plants are undemanding to the soil. Good work out on the sandy and loamy soils. excessively heavy clay and pure sandy soils should be avoided. Dung paid under the previous culture. Excessive fertilizer causes cracking bulbs as a result of excessive growth.

ImportantCare also is three times the loosening of the soil: the first time – in the spring, after the snow will melt, the second time – before flowering, and the last time – after flowering


With the cessation of the growth in July, tulips dig, dried and sorted.

Large and medium-sized bulbs in late September, once again planted in the flower beds.

Two weeks prior to planting in soil humus introduced in admixture with the compost earth and two handful mineral mixture to 1 square meter.

Babies and small bulbs are planted in the flower bed exploration, where they are within one to two years, give flowering bulbs.

Tulips little sick, very unpretentious, easy to propagate and grow well on sandy soils.

tulips after flowering

If tulips are not digging for a few years, the old bulb goes deep into the ground by 15-20 cm and above it forms a new bulb, smaller and weaker flowering.

Note!Most children have formed yellow tulips. Therefore, if you do not make the selection of varieties, some four or five years, yellow tulips will prevail over the other.

Bed with faded tulips looks empty. He recommends combining planting tulips and clematis.

For this purpose, ridges at the corners and a length, for example 3 meters and a width of 1 meter, install four metal peg height of 0.5 to 0.7 m and is suspended from the wire them. In the corners of ridges, around pegs planted four bush clematis, which allowed for branch wire.

While blooming tulips, clematis just beginning to develop. When tulips ottsvetut, begin to bloom clematis, masking deserted after blooming flower-bed of tulips.

Caring for clematis does not bother tulips, and tulips Digging does not affect the clematis.

Combinations of tulips is not recommended with wallflowers and other annuals.

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