Bridal bouquet of white tulips

Bridal bouquet is more than just an accessory. Tulip lovers will surely want to have them on their wedding day. The tulip is a wonderful, delicate spring flower that inspires and makes you feel happier. These tulip wedding bouquets are perfect for romantic brides. But with such an abundance of flowers, it will be very difficult for brides to make a choice.

Delivery of wedding flowers

There are many reasons to have flowers delivered by an online florist. Cut flowers with delivery to the chosen address are first of all:

  • convenience and time saving, the order can be placed in a few minutes;
  • the possibility of anonymous flower delivery;
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Of course, if you are getting married in the summer, do not worry that there will be no tulips. Many varieties of cut tulips are available all year round. However, their price may be higher, because they will be flowers grown in greenhouses.

Features of tulips

Tulips traditionally signal the arrival of spring, and with numerous varieties, are one of the most popular flowers. They belong to the lily family. Currently, there are 120 species and thousands of varieties. Tulip stem can be from 7cm. up to 75 cm.

This beautiful spring flower is delicate and very hardy. Of course, for flowering it needs proper care. Now more than 4 thousand different varieties of tulips have been bred with different colors, shapes, stem lengths and flowering periods.

Additional Information! The spring bulbous plant is grown mainly for cutting, but they are often used to decorate balcony flowerpots and garden beds.

The appearance of the petals is very diverse. Modern varieties are terry, fringed in a variety of colors: white, red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and many other shades. In addition, there are two-color. Of course, with more than one color is also very popular.

Modern varieties

Tulips are divided into several groups, differing in the shape of flowers, plant height and flowering date.

  • Single flowers are cup-shaped and have 6 petals with rounded tips.
  • Terry tulips have many rows of petals and are known as peony-type tulips.
  • Lily type flowers have a more pointed appearance.
  • Parrot-like flowers with fringed petals in intense color combinations.

Crispa tulips, where each petal is surrounded by a zone of a different color, quickly gained great popularity. Tulips of the “Rembrandt” group have uneven inclusions of different colors.

What flowers to choose for a wedding bouquet?

Flowers are one of the most beautiful wedding decorations. It is thanks to beautiful compositions that a wedding hall or a church turns into a truly fabulous place. Wedding flowers are primarily designed to create a festive atmosphere and emphasize the beauty of the bride.

So, what flowers to choose for a wedding bouquet? Among the most popular flowers, of course, you can find roses and eustoma, but tulips turned out to be a very good choice too!

Additional Information! Tulips have an unusual symbolism, so in this respect they are certainly suitable for a wedding bouquet. In terms of symbolism, which is important to many brides, tulips symbolize strong love and passion.

A tulip is a versatile floral material that will look beautiful in a bridal bouquet, boutonniere, and flower arrangements for decorating a hall.

 Hall decorations [/ caption]In addition, such decor will not cost too much if you compare its cost with similar arrangements of roses or orchids.

Beautiful bouquet of tulips

These delicate, graceful flowers are perfect for wedding flower arrangements. They last a long time in the cut, do not have a strong smell and are combined with many garden flowers and ornamental foliage.

Tulips are suitable for almost any occasion. They make a great addition to a birthday or Valentine’s Day gift. This flower symbolizes perfect love and fidelity. They go well with all wedding styles.

It is easy to make a bright and spectacular bouquet with your own hands, collecting varieties of different colors and shades into a composition. Beautifully look compositions in pastel colors of cream, pale pink, light yellow.

No less attractive are round bouquets of tulips of different shades. In the middle, for example, are pale pink flowers, around them are buds of more saturated colors, and bright red tulips along the edge of the bouquet.

Beautiful bouquet of tulips


However, are they the right choice for a bridal bouquet? Tulips for a bridal bouquet are a great choice, and certainly not as popular! So if you want to stand out, learn how to make a tulip bouquet! A wedding bouquet of tulips can really surprise you.

Pay attention ! Elegant bridal bouquets are made from classic tulips. Their special shape and delicate appearance can be the main element of a bouquet or decoration composition. Tulip wedding bouquets often consist of a single type of flower.


Thanks to this variety, you can make bouquets for almost every taste: round, spherical, cascading, cone-shaped, etc.

Best of all for a spring wedding, round or flowing bouquets of white tulips are suitable, which are perfect for a wedding dress and other wedding accessories.

In a wedding bouquet, tulips can be used as a central flower surrounded by smaller flowers. You can also use them alone and together with other spring flowers such as anemones. They give the bouquet a special freshness.

The stem of the bouquet can be left bare, or wrapped in a white cloth or matching ribbon. An even more elegant option is lace. This will add freshness and naturalness. Such a bouquet of tulips looks elegant, suitable for both classic and themed weddings.

Perfectly matched flowers for a wedding bouquet

Tulips, especially delicate, light shades, look very impressive in the bride’s wedding bouquet. From live tulips you can make a classic round bouquet, corrugated with the addition of greenery.

 Tulips are tender

What can they be combined with? They can be combined with other spring flowers. There are really many possibilities, thanks to this, florists have adopted these flowers.

Benefits of a tulip bouquet

A wedding bouquet of tulips is considered by many brides to be too simple and uninteresting for such a spectacular event as a wedding, but such neglect is completely unreasonable. Available in a huge variety of floral hues, enduring symbols of spring can form the basis for chic compositions, from bold and bright to discreet and elegant. Simple and bright flowers can make a very fresh and cheerful bouquet.

A wedding bouquet of flowers is an important accessory. There are too many options for a bridal bouquet. A white wedding bouquet is one of the most elegant options.

Wedding bouquet


A bouquet of white tulips will suit simple, plain, wedding dresses with lace.

The combination of white tulips with other cream flowers will add elegance to any wedding bouquet.

In addition, the accessory will cost less than analogues made of roses or lilies, and at the same time it will look more original and interesting. Tulips are one of the most inexpensive wedding flower options, making them a popular choice.

Wedding mono-bouquet of white and purple tulips

A wedding bouquet of white tulips always looks great – whether it is an elegant mono-bouquet or a lush composition with roses or peonies.

Large goblet buds of tulips look spectacular in mono-bouquets. To create a mono-bouquet, you can use tulips of any color, the main thing is to observe the color scheme of the image. A bridal bouquet of white tulips is considered a popular option as it goes well with a classic white dress. You can also use rich pink or purple shades.

Bright bouquets of purple tulips

Monochrome bouquets are the most popular choice for wedding bouquets, and tulips are no exception. The bride’s bouquet of white tulips looks ephemeral, like a fresh, spring cloud descends on the bride’s hands.

Thanks to the many shades and tones, it is easy to choose the one that will complement the bride’s wedding dress. A classic bouquet of white tulips goes well with a traditional wedding dress. To prevent white petals from merging with the dress, the bouquet can be decorated with ribbons, floral nets or decorative greenery.

Alternatively, you can choose varieties of tulips that are in shades different from the color of the dress, such as soft pink, light purple, peach or apricot flowers. Vibrant bouquets of purple tulips add vibrant colors that complement lavender or light purple bridesmaid dresses.