Why not blooming rose garden

Roses are planted in those places where they adorn the territory of the garden with their lush flowering. But it happens that this beauty does not bloom well or does not want to bloom at all. What reason does not allow the rose garden to bloom in lush color, and how to fix this situation? The reasons why roses bloom poorly or do not want to bloom at all are different. [/ su_quote]

Causes of poor flowering

One of the main reasons is poor care for them. One reason may be a lack or excess of nutrients in the soil. This means that the bushes are not fed or overfed with fertilizers. With the lush green part of the plant, but the absence of bud buds, there is an excess of nitrogen in the soil, which affects the green mass of the plant. By feeding rose bushes with potassium and phosphorus fertilizers, you can correct the situation. These minerals affect the flowering of plants.

Proper planting of the rosary

The place for planting roses is not chosen correctly. Roses love fertile, light and loose soil. For them, you need to select a bright, sunny, protected from drafts and cold winds terrain.

In the shade, the roses will not bloom, and the development of the rose bush will be slow.
Recently transplanted rose plantations also will not give abundant flowering.

Proper watering

From a lack of moisture, roses bloom poorly. The rose bushes have a well-developed root system and they are moisture-resistant plants, but they will not bloom, since they will spend their strength on survival. Rose bushes are watered once a week, with settled water. These flowers are not watered with cold water from a tap or well, since roses do not like this.

How to prune roses

Timely and proper pruning of stems increases the flowering process of rose bushes. On grafted roses, wild growth must be removed so that it does not take away strength from the farmer. You also need to clean the sick, dried, damaged by pests branches. It is worth cutting wilted buds from the bush, as this stimulates the plant to the next flowering and prevents the development of diseases.

Fighting diseases and parasites

It is necessary to protect the rosary from pests and protect against diseases. Roses are damaged by various diseases and pests that interfere with the lush bloom of roses.
Damp and cold summers can contribute to diseases, or on the contrary, an arid and hot period, overgrown, poorly ventilated plantations and other causes.

Preparing for the winter

It is important that roses winter well. To do this, at the beginning of autumn, all activities for caring for rose bushes are stopped, so as not to provoke the growth of new shoots, which will take away the strength to prepare the plant for wintering. To protect the roots from frost, roses are well spudded. Having wintered well, in spring the roses will bloom violently with good care.

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