Varieties and types of English (Peony-) roses

Roses are one of the oldest cultivated plants. Today there are more than a thousand different varieties. Some flowering attract wealth, while others – the flavors. With proper care, they will bloom until the first frost.

Features Peony- (English) Rose

Peony- roses – it’s incredibly beautiful garden flowers, like peonies. This hybrid was introduced not so long ago, at the end of the last century by David Austin. Therefore, most of the colors are called roses of Austin.

Their popularity is due to the variety of colors, easy maintenance and resistant to many diseases.

Peony- roses can be seen in flower beds in the gardens, on lawns, in bouquets. These roses are characterized by their resistance to the unpredictable climate, as well as to pests and diseases.

Note!The fact that these roses do not require highly complex care, making them even more attractive. Roses need a lot of sun, good soil and a lot of air.

To date, there are about 200 most primal Peony- roses. They are grown depending on climate zone.

Some varieties Peony- roses are grown in warm climates, while others can easily tolerate frost, so popular in the northern regions, and some tend to be designed only for greenhouses.

The best varieties of English (Peony-) roses

Roses, the so-called “pions” differ primarily from other varieties by its unusual shape of a flower, petal number and many other features. They have a large double flower with dense rounded petals. They are often used to decorate the landscape and create beautiful bouquets. Of the many species of these beautiful flowers, you can identify the most popular. Amateur gardeners divide them by color into four basic types: pink, yellow, white and red.

Pink hybrids

The most common color of peonies – pink and Austin roses of the same pink color further emphasize their similarity with peonies.

The color saturation varies from pale pink – to peach, fuchsia. The most famous, the classic varieties of roses:

«Constance Spry» (Constance Spry)– This is the first grade from a reputable manufacturer David Austin roses, which he launched in 1961. Winding bush with large fragrant flowers, it is now in great demand.

Constance Spry роза
Constance Spry rose

English rose Constance Spry its strong shoots reach a height of 3.5 meters. Flowers are considered to be the greatest of all English and ancient roses. Delicate pink flowers up to 15 cm have a circular shape and grow individually or 5-6 pieces per inflorescence.

Rose blooms from June to July, and exudes a gentle aroma of myrrh. The leaves are large and dull green on the branches of a lot of thorns.

«Gertrude Jekyll.”The hardy shrubs of medium size are named after the famous author and gardener Gertrude Jekyll. Toajor double flowers appear early in the season in great numbers on plants taller than 1.5 meters. Numerous pink petals form a beautiful bowl. Excellent aroma, bloom twice a season. The second time in bloom less profusely.

Rosa Gertrude Jekyll photo

«The anniversary celebration».rose named in honor of the anniversary of the Queen of England and is considered one of the best in the author’s collection. Large dense flowers with a salmon-pink shade with yellowish core. The aroma is light, with strong accents of raspberry and lemon. Is often grown as a park rose.

«Miranda» (MIRANDA)was developed in 2005 in England. This is another pink rose reminiscent of Constance Spry. The flowers are about 12 cm in diameter, and have an interesting color that varies from white to bright pink. The inner part of the flower bright pink, and the edges – white. They smell a faint but pleasant. Shrub blooms twice before the end of October. Flowers are single, do not form inflorescences. Bushes relatively compact, they can be grown without support. The bush grows up to six meters.

«Rosalinda» (Rosalind)– a well-known varieties of roses, like peonies. Roses have a very nice subtle flavor. Flowers painted in a delicate pink color. The inflorescence is composed of 6-9 flowers, which are egg-shaped and terry texture leaves. Buds reach the diameter of 9-11 cm. The leaves are small, dull. The smell of roses is weak. The height of the bush is 80 cm. The variety is resistant to sudden changes in temperature. “Rosalind” feels good in the heat, and during cold weather. Grow hybrid better outdoors.

Austin Rosalind rose

Keira (Keira)is a collection of “Wedding roses David Austin.” Small buds (diameter 9 cm.) Discloses showy cupped receptacles, each of which has approximately 100 petals. The edges of the outer petals slightly wavy. Represent a nice pink mixture and cream color, often with warm peach flares. The height of the bush reaching an average of 60 cm. The variety is resistant to many diseases.

Bouquet of roses Peony- Austin «Keira»

«James Galway»– (James Galway) called on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the world-renowned flutist James Galway. Climbing rose almost thornless. Flowers large, double, dark pink in the center, which gradually lighter towards the edges. It has a delightful fragrance of old roses.

English rose James Galway

«The Queen of Sweden»is a delicate pink rose. The flower does not exceed 8 cm in diameter. Bush quite branched, erect. Bloom repeatedly. Flower afraid of rain – its resistance to rain considered below average. Rose fragrance is not too strong. In the variety Excellent resistance to black spot and powdery mildew.

rose Queen of the Swedes picture

Brother Cadfael.The variety has strong, thick stems, height 100-140 cm, they are well kept shrub form even in the presence of a large number of buds. Pale pink large flowers reach 16 cm in diameter. Spherical, curved inside petals are never fully revealed. Retain their decorative appearance for a long time. On stems of rose virtually no thorns. It has excellent winter hardiness and is not susceptible to disease.

Rose brother Cadfael picture

«Lady Megginch»medium size (height – 110-120sm.). Beautiful rounded buds open into large total outlet dark pink. Number of flowers on the stalk 1-3 (10-12cm). Flowering-abundant, repeated. Fruity aroma with a hint of raspberry. Hardy and not susceptible to disease.

Austin rose lady Of Megginch
Rose lady Of Megginch

«Royal jubilee» (Royal Jubilee)Compact bushes in height and 80 cm large, half parted flowers -. Velvety pink coated glossy blue-green foliage. These multi-color roses: in the middle of white and creamy soft edged petals raspberry border that as the flower opens expands, and its intensity is amplified to the cherry. Flowers large, double, keep their excellent form. Compact bushes in height and 80 cm.

Royal Jubilee

«Christopher Marlowe»(Christopher Marlowe). Rose petals – from pale pink to salmon colors create an interesting two-tone effect. Flowers medium-sized, cup-shaped form. flower diameter of about 12 cm. They are collected in umbellate inflorescence, resistant to rain. Petals about 40 or more. Tea flavor with a hint of lemon unusual, very pleasant. It forms a small beautiful, but very thick, spreading shrub. The height of the bush -. 80 to 100 cm foliage green, shiny, shallow.

Christopher Marlowe rose

rose “Princess Alexandra” (Rose «Princess Alexandra»). The flowers are large (10-15 cm in diameter), fragrant. Painted in light pink (sometimes in rich pink) color. Flowering begins in June and lasts until the end of the summer. Height can reach adult bush aysoty 100-150 cm. The stems sturdy, branched and covered with numerous thorns. Leaves are small, glossy dark green.

rose Princess of Kent

Red Roses

Red peony roses – it is definitely a classic. These roses decorate gardens, form of these bouquets, and these flowers are beautiful. Red – symbol of love and passion. That is why as a gift for the second half often choose the flowers of this particular shade.

Additional information!Pure red roses between Peony- rare. Most inflorescences are coral, crimson, and even purple.

The exception is the sort of Benjamin Britten. Scarlet buds evoke a sense of celebration. Flowers are an unusual fruit flavors.

Munstead Wood.Crimson flowers of medium size roses gathered in inflorescences on some pieces. Rose bud looks pretty bright, but when he opens the petals become darker. Low shrub, rarely reach a height of more than 1 meter. The width of the bush is approximately 50 – 60 cm, so that flower relatively compact. and is suitable for small gardens and flower beds. Rose relatively resistant to infection, and temperature extremes. Blooms rich and long lasting.

rose shrab Mansted Wood

Benjamin Britten (Benjamin Britten). The variety is named in honor of the English composer Edward Benjamin. Has double, large (10-12 cm), buds, red-orange color. Outer petals larger internal structure that makes the flower very interesting. Aroma subtle fruit. Ornamental shrubs, with beautiful greenery Average height, 1.5 m in diameter. Resistant to diseases, are well tolerated rains.

English rose Park Benjamin Britten

Rosa «Shakespeare» (William Shakespeare 2000)– large shrub, reaching 2 m in height and 1.2 m in width. The variety is resistant to pests, harsh climatic conditions and a variety of infections. Rose blooms 2 times a year – at the beginning of the summer and autumn.

2000 Rose Shakespeare

The flowers are large, double. They form inflorescence, consisting of 3-5 buds with an average diameter of 8 cm Color petals varied -. From crimson to purple. Strong scent of roses, rich.

«Munsted Wood» (Munstead Wood) –small bush to a height of one meter and a width of 0.6 m Flowers in inflorescences up to 5 pcs.. They are medium in size, with velvety leaves. Colors vary depending on bud disclosure. He first light red, but with time it gets dark, it becomes dark red. They have a very rich sweet flavor. Rose blooms profusely and for a long time. The variety is resistant to sudden changes in weather conditions and various diseases.

Spray Rose “Heathcliff» (Heathcliff). Variety has an unusual aroma of tea roses and old roses. The flowers are large, gustomahrovye. Lush flower outlet with more than 105 leaves. Scrub thick, upright, in height from 90 to 150 cm, shiny foliage, dark green, resistant to disease.

rose “Bassell Darcy (Darcy Bussell) – one of the best red roses David Austin, which he named in honor of the great English ballet dancer. The flowers are medium sized, in racemes of 3-7 flowers. First flowers have a crimson hue, as blooming – bright red, thick, terry. It blooms from early June until frost. Compact shrub 120 cm thick, dark green leaves.

The white English roses

It is very difficult to get a pure white roses during propagation. Most of the flowers, which are usually referred to as white, have an additional cream or yellowish tint. There are several types of flowers in the hybrids of Austin, and they are very popular among lovers of roses. And it is not surprising that Peony- white rose – beautiful flower.

Note!These roses are often used by florists in the preparation of wedding bouquets.

«Lichfield Angel»– almost pure white rose, which has a light aroma of cloves. The bush 120 cm high and 100 cm wide, has a beautiful appearance, bowed shoots. Variety winter hardy, able to re-bloom.

Angel Rozailichfild picture

«Peace» (TRANQUILITY)– this is a very beautiful flower was bred in England recently – in 2012. Bush strong, big, wide, and reaches a height of 120 cm. On each stem of the flower 3-4. These roses do not have thorns. Roses small diameter reaches 12 cm, unblown flower has a creamy color, revealing the pitch becomes snowy. Buds long wither and crumble under the influence of the weather. These roses are good in bouquets are sweet apple flavor.

«Claire Austin» (Claire Austin)is named after the daughter of David Austin – Claire. Peony- shrub rose, with flowers in the form of a cup is particularly beautiful. White pitch with cream tint tightly closed, and the relatively small diameter of the flower -. 10 cm per stalk, bud 3-4 appear which impart bush decorative effect. The aroma of the flower is very rich, with a strong scent of myrtle with hints of vanilla. 120-150sm shrub with arched drooping shoots. Resistant to excessive moisture, bloom twice a season.

«Alabaser» (ALABASTER)– a white rose, much like the peony, with large double flowers, in inflorescences of 4 to 6 buds. Rounded buds creamy-green, with touches of crimson. Flowers diameter of 8-10 cm, gustomahrovye, 60 – 65 in the same flower petals Roses located on high stalks and look great in bouquets. Shrubs are not more than a meter in height, width about 50 cm. The variety blooms twice a season. Roses do not tolerate severe frosts.

Grade Snow Gusis known for its snow-white color and original musky aroma. Huge shrub up to 3 meters. The flowers are small in clusters that bloom constantly, almost the entire season.

Yellow hybrids

Peony- rose petals, which are painted in yellow color, quite numerous and widespread. These varieties of peonies suitable for our climate and are well adapted to such conditions.

«Graham Thomas»– one of the most beautiful and popular varieties of English roses rich yellow color. Profuse flowering, long and ends with the beginning of frost. Young buds are painted in apricot color, but when opening the petals become warm yellow hue. Cupped flowers, 7-10 cm in diameter dressing (about 75 petals) in the hands of 5-7 pieces. Rose with a slight aroma of tea. Long arched shoots not strongly bent. The leaves are dark green, glossy, big. resistance to disease is high.

«Pat Austin»has a bright yellow-orange flowers. Buds semi-double, big, with a delicate aroma. Differ in flowering time, can bloom all summer. Does not like the cold and shaded surfaces.

Rosa ‘The Lady Of Shallot »(Lady of Shalott)– a young brand. It has a nice yellow color. The aroma of gentle but intense, reminiscent of tea. Buds are large, double. Height 100 – 120 cm, in locations with favorable climate and can grow a rose to 250 cm inflorescence flowers are collected in 5-6 pieces, they do not have a very strong but pleasant aroma.. Resistant to frost and infections, which makes them very popular. This variety is considered to be one of the best hybrids Austin.

«Golden holiday»– rose like a honey-yellow peony. Diameter reaches 16-17 cm flower. The flowers are collected in clusters of 4-6 pieces, they smell very strongly. The bush grows up to 1.5 meters. It blooms all season. The variety is relatively stable.

Rose “Juliet» (Juliet)has emerged as a first grade for cutting bushes and became a symbol of wedding bouquets. Full cup (8-10 cm) with bulky petals. Beige rose with deep apricot core. Light aroma of tea with a mild tone. The height of shrubs 100-110 cm, width 70-75 cm. The variety is rarely suffer from black spot and powdery mildew. Peonies “Juliet »are resistant to rain – the flowers are rarely damaged by moisture that accumulates in them.

Rose Austin Juliet

«Lady Emma Hamilton» (Lady Emma Hamilton)when fully open, has a distinct and unusual tangerine color. Sort it appeared in the 2005’s. Not too high (75-100 cm and a maximum of 1.5 meters), strong, branching shrub with upright stems. Flowers cupped dressing (10 to 12 cm in diameter). They are collected in racemose inflorescence of 3-5 pieces. Good frost resistance (not afraid to standby -29ºС), increased drought tolerance, resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases.