Support for climbing rose with his hands

Climbing roses – beautiful decoration gardening area. They have many advantages over other varieties of roses.

Flowering from June to September, they will transform the garden: rise of the arch, fence, disguise unsightly buildings.

Terms of care for climbing (winding) rose

Landscaped plot in an upright position can climbing roses on beautiful props. Before gardener task is not only how to keep them on the right supports, creating a beautiful area, but it is also important that at this point the plant feel comfortable, otherwise all efforts will be wasted.

To successfully developed climbing rose, planting and maintenance should be carried out according to certain rules.

  • Place the culture choose luchshee.Nepodhodyaschy soil or lack of sunlight prevents rosebushes grow actively. This plant photophilous and for the formation of flower buds just need plenty of sunlight.
  • The culture does not tolerate drafts and it is desirable that the north side of the site it was covered from the cold wind small buildings.
  • To water does not stay on the surface of the ground, and did not appear fungal diseases to plant roses should be on a slightly elevated ground.
  • Ovary pletistyh buds on the roses formed on the young shoots. When the flowers withered, they must be removed from the bush to form new buds.

One of the important activities of climbing roses care for a crop, from which much depends:

  • the longevity of the bush;
  • an abundance of flowering;
  • decorative;
  • hardiness and disease resistance.

Pruned in early spring whip, not yet blossomed buds. After removing the cover thickening threads thinned shoots formed so that they grow horizontally. Proper pruning will provide almost continuous flowering shrubs.

Tapestry for the roses with their hands

Why trellis for bushes


Choosing roses fence must take into account both its compact place in the garden. With the help of the supports can be formed bush climbing rose with his hands.

Inexperienced growers mistakenly believe that if the climbing rose is planted at the tower, she will herself to trudge through it. Whatever the framework, during a time of growth of bushes whip should always form in the right direction, fix them to the support horizontally above the ground, so that the bush has a decorative look, with this formation produces a lot of side flower-bearing shoots, and then the bush is in full bloom.

Trellis for climbing rose

If you do not care for the bush, leaving it unattended, it will be easy to trail on the ground. Trellis for climbing roses – is not just a solution to the site of decor, but also a necessity. The framework will give the completed form of shrubs, as well as protect them from the wind. Due to the high winds branches bush might suffer.

Construction trellises

Support is necessary to choose a stable and strong enough to allow it to withstand the lush blooming roses branches. Construction must be well fastened to the ground, have an attractive appearance, correspond to the size of the bush.

Note!In-Ground poles for support before, as a culture will be planted, so as not to harm the young roots.

Trellis for roses made of the simplest materials at hand yourself. For its manufacture make a rectangular frame in which to insert the bars of wood or metal.

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gardeners often use the budget material – Shpalernaya grid. Selecting a suitable place, digged at some distance of metal pipes and wooden beams, and then pull a net.

Trellis to the rose bush has a beautiful shape, magnificently flowering bush. Shoots her cut when they cover the entire lattice.

Lush bush on a trellis

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Note!Instead, you can use a trellis fence or an unsightly building. Shrubs must be planted at a distance of 50 cm from this support and make additional retaining elements.

Every three years, cut the older shoots and replacing them with new, younger. Cut out weak branches that grow too thick to force focused on the strong branches.

Support for climbing rose with his hands

Ready designs for bearing roses are expensive and can be made to save their own hands. Props for climbing roses are mainly made of wood, metal. Metal poles compared to last much longer than wood. Wooden arch to last longer, it should be covered with varnish or paint.

Pergola for roses

Pergolas represent grid on the roof supporting pillars. Make a holder for rose bushes with their hands is simple: to bring down the pillars installed on top of a wooden lattice. Poles often use metal and grille – made of wood. Length and width of the product purchased on your own. Such designs may be the summer gazebo or a seating area. The advantage of this support: decorative functionality.

Pergola for roses

Additional information!Arches made of wood painted white create comfort in the garden.

Forged supports for roses

Decorative wrought iron supports are also in demand. They look good on the territory in a classic style, even in a small country site. Fence reinforcement is in the form of arches, are set at the entrance to the yard or in the garden, near the pavilions.

forged bearing” Parasol”

Arch, made of artistic forging – a reliable support for climbing shrubs.

Arch for roses

Tips and tricks from experienced gardeners and gardeners

As support for braiding varieties can be used various designs of different materials: metal, wood, plastic and even a stone. It all depends on the design of the garden and selected rosebushes.

  • The distance between the horizontal bars should be not less than 50 cm. If a highly branched shrub, you can add crossbars.
  • Close-blooming buds look good on large spherical bearings.
  • Small flowers will decorate perfectly vertical stands.
  • Support for climbing roses need to process and dye, so they do not become a source of infections.
  • To it easier to tie up shoots, on the supports must be present horizontal bars or lattice
  • The rungs on the supporting construction and the lattice should not be located too often.

Whatever support is not chosen for the climbing roses, the main thing you need to plant them correctly and take care of them. It is necessary to cut the extra shoots on time. Timely dressing rosebushes mineral and organic fertilizers, proper watering will create such conditions that they will bloom magnificently the whole season, showing off on any support.

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