Successful growing of strawberries

Strawberry is one of the most popular fruit crops that grown in domestic gardens. These berries are not only impressive in the cultivation of berries, but also useful. So that strawberries gave birth abundantly, she should pay more attention.

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Strawberry growing deadlines in one place

If a strawberry is grown to grind on the same plot, soil fatigue occurs and soil parasites can also be unimpeded. Every three years need to give strawberry bed rest.

Please note! The peak of the strawberry yield reaches aged two or three years. After that, the harvest is not only reduced, but the quality of fruits deteriorates. That is why it costs every three years to replace the plants with new seedlings (from the shoots of the most productive plants to create a new garden).

how to propagate strawberries

Strawberry cultivation: seedlings are a more common way to create strawberry beds. The main principle with this method of reproduction is to obtain healthy and severe plants. The growth of new bushes is important to update strawberries, which should be changed every 2-4 years depending on the state of the berry. Young plants give larger fruits.

reproduction of mustache

It should be removed from the garden. Extra shoots so that the garden does not turn into strawberry thickets, where the plants compete for light, water and nutrients. Good seedlings can be left for new young plants. How to propagate the “ussa” strawberry? To enjoy fresh strawberries in the next summer, you should begin preparations this year.

Please note!New plants should be planted at the end of July, but no later than September. The earlier the plants will be planted in the ground, the greater the harvest next year.

Strawberry landing: when and how to plant

Strawberries easily breeding shoots – “Usami”. Most strawberries breed without human intervention. They form shoots that are distributed using outlets with new leaves. Saplings should be at first glance healthy, with dense leaves and well-developed roots. They plant them into the soil without weeds, which feed the organic fertilizers before planting.

soil for strawberry

Proper landing is the basis of the rapid adaptation of the root system of plants. Groans should be placed in places where many sun and they will be protected from the North Wind, which in the winter can blow the snow, making roots vulnerable even to small frosts. Plants are poorly growing at a high level of groundwater.

soil for garden strawberry

The strawberry like loose, rich in humus soil, with a pH from the weakness to sour. The most suitable soil for planting strawberries is an alumina-sand, with a large amount of nutrients.

Before boarding the soil, it is necessary to break carefully and swap. You can add from four to five liters of compost or humoring per square meter. Two weeks later, the Earth will fall, and then you can crush the garden and plant a strawberry. It is recommended to plant it in a fairly wet soil.

Light for strawberries

Most of all she needs the sun. Plants are not only growing in a sunny place, but also become much sweeter.

Watering strawberries

Garden strawberries badly tolerate drought. She needs a lot of water into a arid summer, but it is sensitive to overcoat and wet leaves. For this reason, when watering, it is necessary to determine the desired amount of water. With this procedure, it is impossible to overdo it, because the stagnation of water is able to cause root diseases, the berries will become tasteless, they will be poorly stored.

Early morning – the best time for watering

Additional information! Too much water leads to the death of plants, and if the water is too small, the strawberry will bring only small fruits. It is always better to pour a little less than watering too much, and create an unhealthy overwhelmed soil.

To AK properly fertilize strawberry

Upburn is an important component of the care of berry bushes. The correct application of fertilizers is also crucial for obtaining a rich harvest. After harvesting, it is important to provide sufficient nutrient nutrients to strawberries to strengthen it in the fall and winter, and get a high-quality harvest next year.

It follows it for the second year after landing. This is due to the fact that when landing was made enough fertilizers. Excessive fertilizer is even worse than if they were not fertilized at all.

Mulching strawberry beds

The mulch layer under plants protects against moisture and gray rot, and also prevents the fruits. From the middle of May it is necessary to cover the soil straw to support moisture near the plants.

Weeds are some of the main enemies of strawberries, and they should be regularly deleted. They deprive the plants of nutrients and water, so the fruits and the crop are becoming less. To get a good harvest, you should regularly loose soil and contain a color clean from weeds.

Mulching bushes

Straw layer or other mulch here can also help. She suppresses weeds without any chemical means and intensive binding.

Strawberry rejuvenation

Strawberry update is mainly directed ?? To eliminate thick plantations and preservation of the bed. The removal of old berry plants will allow more fruitful young plants to take place. Sleeping makes it easier to harvest, allows you to make fertilizers in the root zone.

When should I rejuvenate strawberries? Every year at the end of the harvest season, the strawberry is updated, which means a higher harvest next year.

Strawberry Pests Fight

Juicy berries attract pests with their sweet aroma. The most common pests of strawberries are snails. Strawberry strawberry pierced the kidney of strawberries and feed them in pollen.

To scare the pests, the herbs planted together with the culture: mint, garlic, onions. They should also be squeezed between strawberry bushes.

Please note!Some herbs, especially mint, should be planted in containers, as the plants are aggressive, and can easily take a place on the garden.

A small grid, which is covered with strawberries, allows the sunlight to achieve fruits, but unwanted guests scares it.

Strawberry wintering

Strawberry bushes need to be protected from frost. When late autumn occurs, it is covered with various mulching materials, so that the roots of the plants can easier to survive the winter.

shelter for the winter

Companions Plants

These are plants that interact well with each other if you put them in close proximity. What to put with strawberries in ?? Garden? Herbs: dill, fennel, coriander, mint, sage and many others are excellent companions for strawberries, helping to scare out slugs and other pests.

Strawberry plants fruit just a few weeks. You can fix it by combining different varieties. Planting both early and late grades will extend the harvest period. Strawberries, which fruits several times per season, can also enrich the garden. Often it does not bring so many strawberries, but they are fruitful two (sometimes even three) times a year.