Raspberries. Terms of raspberry planting for gardeners

Malina – one of the most fragrant and useful berry. On the garden plots is welcome. It is enough to observe a few simple rules for the care of this king-berry and it will thank the generous harvest.

Soil Preparation for raspberries

Let us examine the details all the stages of formation of raspberry. Raspberry good fruit on a level, shaded area. It is not advisable to place the raspberry bushes in the lowlands, the places with stagnant water.

Planting hole must be prepared in advance. If the planned planting of seedlings in the spring, a place for planting is preparing to fall.

soil Preparation of raspberry

The trench depth of 50 cm and a width of 40 cm, filled with cut grass, twigs. Ideal component stems are legumes, cereals. You can add wood ash, pre-mixed it with river sand. To speed up the ripening of the fertile layer, a hole must be filled with water and cover with soil.

Similarly, if planted in autumn raspberries, pit should start to prepare the spring or summer.

Note!At one place raspberries good fruiting 5-7 years. Then you must update the raspberry bushes.

Many gardeners use the so-called”creeping method”. That is, in the area there are several Malinnikov all ages: young, middle (maximum fruiting) and old (on the site which will be formed new plantings).

Selecting varieties

By choosing varieties of raspberries should be approached very seriously.

Guide zoning method of fruiting (remontant and summer), on ripening (early, middle, late), taste (sweet, sour, astringent), the color of fruits (red, black, yellow, orange).

  • If the assembly raspberry small children are involved, it is best to choose varieties without thorns.
  • If the commercial use is planned, to be considered for storage and transport stability.

The choice of raspberry varieties depends on the purpose bookmark raspberry: for home use for berries or harvest for sale. Good choice of raspberry varieties – an important factor in the success of this crop.

The landing raspberry seedlings into the soil

Seedlings better to choose in large nurseries or at specialized fairs. When purchasing from unknown sellers is likely to receive poor quality planting material that does not match the name of the variety.

The roots of seedlings should be well developed, to help retain moisture, with no signs of decay. root length of 10-15 cm. If the seedling is sold with closed root system, make sure that it was grown in a container, rather than prikopalis hastily, before the sale. The roots should be evenly fill the pot and act through the drainage holes.

The stem should also be alive. Make sure this is easy enough to cut shears few millimeters. The cut should be light. If the cut – dry, gray tree, it is likely that the seedling has died. Also on the stalk must be present for at least three fresh buds.

When transporting seedlings is desirable to wrap the roots with a damp cloth to prevent drying out.

When planting into the soil with a shovel or a hoe is a recess in a prepared trench, installed, and straighten out all the roots. Then add on top of loose soil, compacted, gently flatten, form a well for irrigation. Carefully pour every bush.

landing raspberry seedlings in soil

The distance between the plants thus should be not less than 0.5 m, and between the trenches -. At least 1 meter.

To avoid drying out, mulching the soil around the seedlings. It should also be periodically feeding raspberry extract of grass clippings.

Raspberry begins to bear fruit, as a rule, in the second year after planting.

Vintage raspberry[/caption]

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