How to grow perfect lawn?

To get the perfect lawn, it is important to know how to choose the right grasses seeds when sow and how to sow grass. This is not just throwing seeds to the ground, and it needs to be done at the right time.

How to manually sow grass seeds

In March and April, the most favorable climatic conditions for creating a new lawn. Seeds to sow the lawn. The better the territory is prepared, the better it will grow. To do this, you will have to move the soil, remove stones, weeds and roots of plants. Bare the soil (there should not be large pieces and whiskers) using robble.

After loosening the soil, the area is aligned under the future lawn by aligning rakes or garden rink. You can also use a chalkboard for small sites.

Preparation of a plot for lawn grass

On the edge of the surface, there are a small groove, which later add more seeds than on the rest of the surface to get a durable edge of the lawn.

After that, you can proceed to sowing lawn. Mix the seeds about the same amount of sand or high-quality soil without weeds. Then split the amount of sowing material in half and sow once in the longitudinal, and then in the transverse direction.

After sowing all the territory, it is necessary to heat up with rakes so that the grass seeds are under the soil. The surface is aligned, and it is best to use a roller filled with sand or water. So that the soil after sowing has not seen too much and did not become uneven, it is necessary to roll it again with a roller or a long board. Then the soil is well.

Please note! Hand sowing grass is the easiest and fastest, but which has a flaw – uneven sowing. You can help yourself some mechanism. To do this, there is a special trolley for sowing grass, which will quickly cover a large area, and which can also be used to make fertilizers.

It is important to water the plot over the next few weeks, but not too pour the soil so as not to wash the seeds. Otherwise, the seeds will wash out, and the lawn will not be evenly green. The first gentle stems appear seven or fourteen days.

Watering lawn

If the lawn will test the drought, it can die. There will be awesome on the lawn or bad growth.

Selected Seeds for Lawn

Choose seeds, according to the requirements for the lawn. For landing apply about 15 types of perennial herbs.

Grass seeds are offered in the form of “lawn-seed mixtures” (RSM), in accordance with certain standards. In its proposal, lawns are: decorative, park, protective, sports and special.

It happens that, with proper care, the lawn still does not please with its density, the places freeze in the winter and requires frequent subbels. All this is the consequences of an incorrectly selected herbal mixture. Most have special advantages: shadowish, wear-resistant, drought-resistant, etc.

In most gardens, grass is growing capable of withstanding a lot of steps. If you use the lawn as a football field, it will be better to choose a sports herbal mixture.

Where the climate is softer, and the criteria for the selection of lawn grasses are not such strict. Of all the existing plant species are most adapted to the conditions of lawn cereals:

  • freezing resistant;
  • decorative externally, with uniform germination of juicy green shoots;
  • durable root system can grow on compacted soils;
  • after mowing quickly increase the cover, and speak well to mineral fertilizers;
  • the ability to multiply vegetatively, because with the help of seeds the lawn cannot multiply.

It is recommended to use the usual seed mixture (RSM).

when it is better to sow lawn?

Time of sowing lawn in spring or autumn. In the fall, most often seeds are sown in September. It is necessary to keep fit in October or November, because the seeds do not have time to plunge into the ground and the cold can destroy them. But it depends on which climatic conditions are dominated in this area.

Sowing grass in spring (in April or May) does not represent the danger of freezing, because, ahead of the warm period. But there is a risk about aridness, so the grass requires frequent irrigation, and in the fall more rain. The least suitable season for landing lawn is summer.

Care for the beautiful lawn

Care begins in the spring. This means: fertilizer, scarification, cropping and re-sowing.

With the help of rake or brooms from the lawn, dead parts of plants are removed and the adhered residues of the leaves are removed. Remove the first weeds before they start growing and spread.

One of the secrets of a beautiful green lawn is the receipt of useful substances in the form of special fertilizers.

Suitable or small-sized compost. Spring nitrogen fertilizers are used to stimulate plant growth. It should be applied with a thin layer, not the thickness of 1 centimeter, and evenly distribute. The first time you can fertilize the lawn in mid-March.

Fertilizer for lawn

In April, the soil temperature usually makes an average of eight degrees of heat, in which the lawns seeds should germinate. If propellant is noticeable, now the appropriate time for re-sowing.

For this, the soil is slightly loosened by robbles, evenly distributing the seeds and poured with a small amount of soil and compost. Then watered regularly about six weeks. When a lawn haircut cautiously bypassing areas with young grass so as not to cut the gentle stalks. They can be mounted only when they grow above the “old” stems.

So that it looks neatly, once a week you need to mow green carpet. When the lawn grows height from six to ten centimeters, it is cut for the first time, leaving about five centimeters so that it serves as a playground and an eye decoration.

Haircut lawn grass

The right growth is three or four centimeters. If the lawn is cut too low, it can influence other plants, if too high, stalks bend. Choose a dry day for a lawn haircut.

Please note!You can use trimming from lawn as a mulching material under trees and shrubs, as well as on open beds in the garden. This gives two advantages at once: Mulch material and do not need to worry about utilization of cropping. The beds are mounted for suppressing weeds, and if they decompose the bell herb – it will stop the growth of weeds.

In the fall, the lawn needs a small leaving. Well maintained lawn will grow well next in spring, will not cause special problems.

The reasons why the removal of leaves from the lawn is important that the lawn remains healthy.

  • layer of fallen leaves, if it remains on the grass in the winter inhibits lawn.
  • Sheet Layer Suppresses the appearance of new stems next spring.
  • layer of leaves can contribute to the development of fungal diseases.

Please note! To collect leaves, you can use a lawn mower. It not only saves time, but the leaves are crushed and rot on faster. In addition, the lawn still needs to be mounted in autumn.

Since October, when the soil temperature is below 9 degrees, the lawn no longer need to cut, because it will be difficult for him to recover to the first frost.

How can I help the lawn well to survive winter?

In the fall, the lawn feed on the winter fertilizer based on potassium. It makes plants stronger and resistant to cold, to fungal diseases. Fertilizer should not be made when the temperature of the soil is below 9 degrees, the grass will no longer be able to absorb fertilizers.

In the fall and in winter it follows as much as possible to step on the lawn, as it is especially sensitive. When the temperature is lower than zero, the water in herb plant cells freezes, so it will easily break if it is taken. In addition, wet soil compacted much faster. Snow in these places condenses and icing. The air exchange is broken, blasting braces. These areas on the lawn cannot grow again, and remain in the form of light yellow traces. These stresses make a lawn more susceptible to fungal diseases. From this lawn will not be able to recover until spring when it starts to grow.

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