Growing blackberries on your site

Black blackberries except resemblance with raspberry, has a sweet taste and familiar raspberry flavor.

Blackberry garden care[/caption]

Blackberry is a two-year culture, so it must be cut. Young sprouts, grown for a year, go into hibernation and will bring the harvest in the next year year. After the end of fruiting in the fall, completely cut to shoots did not grow, and gave a good harvest, and cut out diseased or damaged shoots.

Additional information!Blackberry is practically not subject to pests and diseases, tolerate drought very well and today is better than raspberries suitable for growing in hot summer conditions.

The culture is very thermophilic, requires additional cover in the winter. In anticipation of the winter cold, you need to take care of the shelter blackberry bushes. If planted cold-resistant varieties, you have nothing to worry about. But if winter conditions are harsh, the blackberry is recommended to remove from the support, if any, carefully tie the shoots together and lay on the ground. From above, you can hide it to warm material, branches and dry leaves. Winter under the snow blackberry perezimuet perfectly and will give next year a great harvest.

 Blackberry – a delicious summer treat. It can be used in its raw form, pastries and various desserts.