Essential hand tools for the garden

The choice of garden tools is important for the care of the garden, lawn and hedges. When performing garden work (loosening the earth, weeding, transplanting), hand tools help to take care of plants more efficiently. Due to their simplicity, they do not require large investments in the purchase.

Tools needed for gardening

In order to put in less effort and get satisfactory results, it’s important to have the right tools for the type of work you’re doing. What garden tools you have, and how many you need, depends on the particular garden.

Additional Information! Spades, hoes and rakes always remain unchanged. In addition, there are many other tools designed to facilitate various growing operations.

A shovel with a pointed metal blade is the gardener’s main equipment for digging the ground, digging holes in the soil, and replanting young plants. There are different shapes, sizes and materials from which they are made. The bayonet shovel garden consists of two parts: a handle and a blade. Their shape has changed little over the centuries.

 Bayonet shove

A large and wide blade can be rectangular or pointed. A shovel is not intended for digging, but mainly for loading a wheelbarrow, fertilizing, moving earth.

Digging forks should also be present in gardening tools. In home farming, the traditional shovel is replaced with a pitchfork for loosening hard soil, for moving compost heaps, and mowed grass. In digging the soil, the forks have an advantage over the shovel in the form of less weight, in addition, the earth does not stick to the teeth. In addition, the teeth cause less damage to the plant, unlike a shovel.

The hoe is a multifunctional tool. One of the oldest, and most commonly used tools by gardeners, is used to loosen soil, remove unwanted weeds around plants, and loosen the ground.

Hoe types vary in blade shape and size. They are chosen depending on the work performed and the type of terrain. As a rule, a hoe designed for soil cultivation in the garden has a handle length of 70/80 cm, and for working with plants on the balcony – from 20 to 35 cm. Medium-sized hoes are suitable for loosening vegetables.

 Types of hoes

A garden rake is a useful gardening tool. Together with a hoe and a shovel, this is one of the main tools. A rake is needed for cleaning the garden, for removing dry leaves, for leveling the soil. There are several types of rake depending on the use. They differ in the number of teeth, sizes and materials.

When cultivating a garden, a rake with iron teeth is needed to level the soil, preparing it for sowing. There are rakes designed to collect grass. With longer and wider teeth, they are more suitable for mopping up lawn, grass cuttings or leaves. Such rakes are often plastic or wooden. The handle should always be made of wood – a practical material.

Other garden tools

In addition to the basic tools that every gardener should have, there are others that make certain tasks easier. A saw is an indispensable garden tool for cutting small and large branches from shrubs and trees. A wheelbarrow is an important garden tool for transporting various materials.

An indispensable tool in the garden is garden shears. Plants and hedges need to be trimmed regularly to maintain the garden.

 Manual pruner

There are different models for sale. The hand pruner is extremely versatile for trimming small branches of shrubs and trees.

Note! Secateurs cut dry parts, form plants, cut cuttings. Garden shears with long straight jaws are suitable for trimming flowers and herbs in the garden, while curved ones are best used for trimming small branches in an orchard.

You can equip your garden with the most modern irrigation system, but you will always need a watering can. It is able to evenly water plants in any place. Some plants don’t like getting their leaves wet and need to be watered directly into the soil. When you have to moisten small beds with flowers or small crops, moisten the ground around the plant without wetting the leaves and flowers.

Note! Work gloves protect against thorns, redness due to prolonged contact with plants, and protect the skin from irritation.

Care of hand garden tools

Garden hand tools are thoroughly cleaned before being put away at the end of the season. Failure to do so will result in damage to the instrument. Remaining earth causes rust on metal parts. Blades are always thoroughly cleaned after each use.

 Care of garden tools

A mandatory precaution is the disinfection of instruments. This can be done periodically by some special tool. Fungal diseases and viruses are contagious and are often transmitted through garden tools. If you use the same scissors on a diseased plant and then cut off a healthy one, the disease is likely to be transmitted.

Even rakes, hoes, shovels, pitchforks should always be cleaned after use, removing from the ground and compost. They are less dangerous than scissors, however, but can still carry spores.

Tool shed in the garden – where you can store equipment. If the tools are at hand, they are convenient to use if necessary. Those who have a vegetable garden near the house can also store their gardening tools in the garage or basement.

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