In Ficus benjamina leaves turn yellow and fall off. What to do?

holders houseplant ficus Benjamin when faced with growing leaves falling off.


Important!in fertilizers containing nitrogen promotes the growth of young leaves, and the presence of magnesium protects against yellowing old.

On the leaves may appear spotting of different colors, in the future, they turn yellow and fall off. The reason for this may be fungal diseases and pests. To fight them use chemicals, according to the established instructions.

Care after defoliation

At the site of the fallen leaves remain dormant buds, if the trunk and branches to the upper leaves are alive. Gradually, they will tap new growth points. But you need to properly care for ficus.

In no case can not prevent overcooling the root system after watering, for example, open a window for ventilation or windows.

In early spring, as soon as the plant starts to grow, transplant it into a special soil for figs.

Primer for figs

No need to be transplanted in peat land, which at ambient conditions are difficult to control humidity.

In the spring, when fully grown young leaves, bare branches to be cut.

Ficus benjamina people also called birch,. This tropical plant is already loved by many, and still gaining popularity. The capacity of the plant can be put on a shelf, while its flexible long lashes will adorn the walls.

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