Snapdragon: planting and care in the open field

Levovy Ziv (also vidomy as antirhinum) – the most popular bugatorical growths, as they sound vibrate like a single one. The peculiarity of the tsієї grew in tubular vouchers from two lips, like a lion’s pasture, for which he took away his name. In garden design, they vibrate like a curb. Vono also looks kindly visagene in groups on aphids of a green meadow.

Left ziv: features

Small stubble bushes cover the vlasny ridge, which is about 50 species. Fallow in sight: simple or terry, stench gathered in a spike-like flower.

Іsnuyut numerical variability with dwarf, medium and high stems. The height of the left eye can reach from 15 cm to 1 m.

Variation lines

Available in most colors, double colors and strings.
The flowers of the left ziva begin to sound like chervni and end with frosts. Vіn can bloom for a long season, or better to see yourself in the cold days of spring and autumn.

Return respect! Levi Ziv, as a rule, ceases to bloom in the present smoky weather, and begins to bloom again, for example, when it becomes cold. How to cut the ziv’yali flower stems, the stench will bloom until autumn.

Roslin starts blooming from the lower part of the stem and pushes up to the top, establishing a trivalent flowering period. The vouchers are replaced with wooden pods, like a revenge on a rich day.
Quite often left-handed windows are vicorated to decorate balconies and terraces. Of particular interest to gardeners today are the ampelous forms, which can be grown in a suspended structure.

Ampel shape


Deyakі varieties of the left ziva can endure small frosts and in the protected area can grow sprats of rock.

Left Zip Feeling

Left ziv sightseeing. C The best growth in the sleepy area. Pivtin tezh for him is not a problem, but, as if wine is taken away, there is little light, not rich in color.


Viroshchyut kvіti left zіva on well-drained and post-yno-watery soil. Before the garden soil, the wines do not show any advancement, they stick to the magnificent garden soil.

Soil rich in lively water cavities with a neutral pH of 6.2 to 7.0. respect the ideal. The high acidity of the soil can be corrected by adding a little vape. As a soil of food, or with a low volume of lively speeches, add good vitrimany compost. Tse zbіshuє zhivnі speechovina that pokrashuє drainage.


Roslin does not tolerate resuscitation, shards of the same viklikaє problems with fungus and rot. The soil is obliged to dry out before watering. To feel good is necessary evenly, but not supernaturally.

Watering the rosline

Return respect! The best hour to water the wounds. The water will soon climb up like a dew, and the reshta will evaporate in the sun. Vecheri іsnuє rizik zayvoї vologosti. It is necessary to uniquely water the beast on the leaves.

Vykoristuyu organic mulch, sob otrimuvat water in the ground. Mulchuvannya helps to get into the summer sinter, a miraculous way to prevent the growth of weeds on the beds.


During the flowering period, the vicorist is rarely kind for the need. When it is good to water, to help the good roots reach the root, and to reduce the risk of opikiv to a minimum.


Vidalennya zіv’yalih flowers continue the season of flowers often until late autumn. When circumcised, not just the blossoms are seen, but about a third of the stem is buried. If you regularly trim, decorative growths will brightly bloom and bloom.

The pinching of the left apex allows the formation of a larger compact growth with brighter flowers. Tse є zvichaynoy practice among rich gardeners. Vіn staє after plucking more bushy, with a great number of throats. In addition, a plucked little piece can be planted near the waters of the soil, or rooted in the water.

How does the lion’s eye multiply?

Antirinum can be separated by trioma in the main ways: stemwith our live bait in the ground or water, rooting the roots that planting on the ground.

Steblovі zhivotsi

The simplest way to take care of the rose garden is to shine the lion’s call of the day. For the present, save building until sprouting by stretching for a long time. You can sit on the open air from the quarter or at the house of the birch.

In a warm climate, the left sprout from the seed, sown directly into the ground, grows out, and after two or three sprouts without problems. You can sit right on the beds of spring autumn, for a sprat of winter before freezing frosts.

Important! After sowing the soil, the soil is evenly hydrated until the growth sprouts and takes root.

They sip for a small amount of soil. At temperatures close to 20 degrees, the stench germinates in one or two days.

If a friend of a pair of right leaves appears at the sіyantsіv, you can proceed to picking a rose.
The left ziv is also growing from the root podіlu or zhivtsіv. In the okremi roslin, root breasts are planted and the skin part of the okremo is planted.
To multiply the flowers of the left ziva with live bait, for example, let’s grow healthy stalks of the plant 20 cm. Cleanse the bottom leaf. Apply the rooting hormone to the cut part of the petiole, and place it near rich, watery soil.
Trim the plantings of sprouting in a warm place with indirect lighting until the stench takes root and starts to give new leaves. After rooting, they save live bait like a room growing on a sleepy night during the winter months.

How and if you plant a lion’s eye

Left-handed planting should be carried out near wet soil after the frost has passed. The rose garden, grown in the place, must be harvested for a stretch of 10 days to two days before the landing in the garden. Naprikintsі grass – on the cob of the cherv has grown, zmіtsnіla і zagartovana rosadzhuyut at vіdkritiy ґrunt.
How to plant a levova ziva
Vіdstan mіzh zrazkami is guilty of becoming approximately 10 to 30 cm wide to vary. Tall varieties should be planted on a height of 40-50 cm, one in one, medium-growing – 30 cm, small-growing – 20 cm, dwarf. – 15 cm.
As soon as the lion’s roar of the rose grows, it begins to grow swiftly and transform on the white flower bushes.
Cold weather lions can successfully winter in the garden and flowers of advancing rock, with a good eye, and friendly minds are more beautiful than the first.

Shkidniki and ailments

To get rid of the problems with children and ailments, to plant a lion’s-eye there, where there is enough light, warmth and circulation again.
Leviy zіv often ailments to fungal ailments. The first sign is yellow patches with brown black centers. Tsya roslina is also hospitable to mildew, hybnoi boroshnistoy dew, and root rot. Illness can get sick, as if the growths grow over it densely and rottenly ventilate.
Often black popelitsya attack the left pharynx. Aphids and spider mites are the most widespread problem, and may require the use of pesticides or horticultural olias in severe infestations.

Choosing the last white of the left ziva

The ticket can be expanded by self-sowing. To that, as if to go to the place, there de stench grows already, you can allow him to expand his life.

Now in a box

Most of the garden trees are harvested, if the stench is fully ripened, and at the left throat they are harvested at the wrong stage of maturity. The choice is started when the fruits are ripe at the lower part of the stem, if the upper part is still green. Do not check too long, as if the pods burst, falling on the ground.

The green part of the flower is seen and discarded, otherwise they are taken from the paper bag. Don’t take the nap from the plastic bag, because the stench can stink.

The package is moved to a dry warm place, and taken at a temperature of +3-5°C, protecting from possible water ingress.

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