Secrets of growing green onions at home

The method of cultivation of onions in the home is so simple and known to all, that does not even require instructions. Many have long cultivated house exotic plants, but before you start to grow crops such complex, it is necessary to practice on a simple vegetables, for example, to try to grow onions.


Features of growing green onion

Onion – is the oldest vegetable crop, which is grown for over 5000 years. Therefore, to grow delicious herbs on the windowsill there is no trouble.

 Where to grow? In the ground or in the water?

For the cultivation of green onions at home will only need a bow and patience. Plant it in the ground can be conventionally or using hydroponics method. By this method include the cultivation of onions in a glass of water. Both methods are equally good.

How to choose a bulb

Note! Correctly chosen bulb – is the key to success and a good harvest. You should choose a round, firm flesh, which shows no signs of rot.

It is also necessary to consider that the root bowl should be already formed, and flakes have a brilliant color.

 Ideally, the bulbs should be slightly sprouted, it will provide a fresh crop is much faster, but if germs not, you can make an incision in the upper part of the vegetable – it will appear faster feathers.


 The ideal temperature for the bow will be + 18-20 ° C, but the temperature is allowed to rise to 24°C. Therefore, cultivating the vegetable on the window should not prevent overheating of solar rays or heating radiators fact at temperatures above 30 degrees green growth stops.

Choosing the soil

 Onion suit not firm ground with good drainage and neutral acidity. It is also permissible to add to the soil of any filler. For example, vermiculite.

Additional information! Using hydroponic cultivation method, you must make sure that the solution fell only root bowl and avoid complete immersion bulb. For this fit a circle of cardboard or other material.

This culture does not require constant moisture, but to get a juicy greens can be a bit of spray plumes, avoiding wetting the head itself.



 After planting vegetables should be removed in a dark cool place for 10 days. This will help to form roots.

Important! Once the roots are well sprouted bulbs need a large amount of light.

Therefore, in regions with a long dark night will not be superfluous to use additional lighting, using conventional fluorescent lamps or special LED-panels, designed for growing vegetables.

 Balcony or loggia is the ideal place for the cultivation of herbs, because even room lighting will go to her only benefit. A combination of natural and artificial light, will help a lot to get results faster.

Prevent overheating due to the sun’s rays can be using a conventional foil, it should wrap the container in which the herbs are grown.


 Onions do not need absolutely in any fertilizer, it will germinate well and without their use. But if you really want, it is permissible to use compound fertilizers, but strictly following the instructions in any case not exceeding the dosage. It is best to plant them in large quantities of water and carefully add the required amount using a syringe.

When hydroponic method of growing onions in which no aeration system, there is a risk to ruin the plant and its roots – they can just rot. This can be prevented with a very weak solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide, which must be periodically added to the hydroponic solution.

 By following these simple rules, you can gather the first harvest after 17 days!

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