How to prepare potatoes for planting

Growing of potatoes – it’s a very different process than other vegetables, since he has no seeds. , Seed potatoes must be properly and well to prepare for the landing to get maximum yield. For more early and high yield without seedbed preparation can not do.

Preparing potatoes for planting

Potato tubers for planting should be prepared in advance and it is better to start doing so in time around April.

 Why is it necessary and is it possible to dispense with the preparation?

Of course, you can easily do without special training tubers, that’s what most truckers, potatoes will certainly grow, but the result will be unpredictable – one year you can get a big harvest, and the other quite a bit of fruit.

Note!Sprouting tubers before planting includes a range of activities and can be done in different ways. So you should still approach this responsibly and prepare the planting material for the upcoming landing.

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Because when time started preparing the potatoes begin an active process that triggers the development of strong seedling and root system. This means that high-quality seedlings appear much earlier.


Also as a result of preparation may sort ill tubers and those on which there was a rotten, badly developed shoots or without eyes appeared. These result in straight rows without bald spots.

The main methods of preparing potatoes for planting in the spring

There are many different methods of preparation of the material to fit their life ranging from 4 to 30 days. Express training is useful when the tubers were purchased recently, and time to germination is nearly here, but should bear in mind that this method is not the most reliable.

 In addition to training, it is necessary to carry out more and pre-processing of tubers useful solutions or ordinary ash.

Germination is the most effective way of training, his goal is the formation of healthy seedlings that will help speed up the process of germination, and thus increase the yield and quality of tubers. There are two reception germination – it is dry or wet.

 Dry method

This method is well suited germination wooden boxes. Subject to the conditions of illumination and temperature results can be obtained after an average of 30 days.

 Proper lighting provides a double benefit for the tubers.

  • First of all, in good light sprouts are solid and healthy with good beginnings of roots and small leaves.
  • Secondly, because of the light in the material for planting begins to produce solanine, because of which the tubers begin to turn green. For potatoes that is eaten is certainly harmful, but planting materials it will benefit. Indeed, such a potato less susceptible to disease, more resistant to weather changes and no interest in rodents.

Additional information!For uniform illumination of the tubers should be arranged in one or two layers, with permissible to install the boxes on top of each other, but on the condition that they will always be swapped for uniform illumination.

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In the first 2 weeks of air temperature should be around 20 degrees – it awakens the sleeping eyes. After which the temperature should be reduced to 10 + … + 14 ° C, cool strengthen such sprouts and not allow them to grow too much.

Crude germination

 Using this method tubers stacked in crates, to be sprinkled humus or wet sawdust and keep them in a dark place where the temperature does not exceed 15 ° C. Do not forget to constantly monitor the humidity of the material. Subject to the conditions sprouts appear within 20 days.

Note!In a wet environment at the tubers are formed not only strong rostochku, but also the root bowl through which the harvest will be strong and early ripening.

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But, it is necessary to take into account that the potatoes can not be left in this environment for a long time, otherwise there is a risk that the sprouts and roots erupt, and will be intertwined. And this, in turn, complicate the landing and increase the risk to injure the material. If the landing should be delayed if necessary to freeze the development of germs, lowering the air temperature in the room in which they are.


There are many ways to prepare potatoes, but these can be called main, that the power of even inexperienced gardeners.