Grade Rosario potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most popular products. Early varieties most in demand among gardeners. Modern Rosary early maturing potatoes is not inferior to other types of taste and yield characteristics. This early root, many growers and consumers have appreciated for a long time.
Photos potato varieties Rosario
Potatoes red variety Rosario

Features red potato varieties Rosario

Created German breeders-vegetable growers has Rozar early high yield and excellent flavor. With the Rock potatoes Rosary maturation depends on climatic conditions</ span>yield can be harvested 50 days after emergence. first green shoots in the beds.

Low-growing shrubs bloom of red-purple flowers. Tubers large, oblong, average weight of 90 gr. The rind is red, the flesh is yellow. During cooking, the potatoes are boiled soft and does not darken, taste pretty good. Root may be stored for a long time.

Seed potatoes Rosario

In each well, mature 14-16 tubers. Variety brings great cold and too wet soil. The plant has the resistance to the majority of potato diseases.

This grade is suitable for long-term cultivation – seed tubers can not change within 4-5 years. This will not affect the yield of roots.

Benefits varieties include:

  • consistently high yields;
  • taste great;
  • little holes;
  • resistance to many diseases;
  • transported over long distances.

Preparing for planting

Potatoes are unpretentious culture, and if you follow some rules, he will reward a good harvest.

Additional information! Due to the short growing period, early-maturing varieties are not infected with mold – one of the most dangerous diseases of potato


Despite the relatively modest nature of the grade requires compliance with agricultural technology.

The main condition for its successful cultivation is a loose soil throughout the growing period.

As early plant varieties it is preferable in April. Be sure to prepare in advance soil and seeds, then plant potatoes.

Of the basic conditions for success in the cultivation of the potato is a healthy planting material, soil quality, climatic conditions.

Must first germinate before planting the tubers. Preliminary germination occurs within two or three weeks at a temperature of 12-16 ° C.

Potatoes germinated Rosario box

Strong and healthy dark green shoots can be obtained by moving the seed potatoes in a cool, bright room. In the darkness grow long, thin and pale shoots that break easily.

The technology of cultivation of this variety of potatoes is not complicated. Proper landing technique significantly affects the yield and tuber size. True to the choice of location, soil preparation will contribute to the production of a good harvest.

To improve the yield it is necessary to prepare the soil in autumn by deep digging and fertilizing. Prepare the soil in the fall has a positive effect on productivity in the following year. Potatoes likes loose soil that is well supplied with nutrients. In open areas of the early potato variety Rosario desirable planted on sandy or loamy soils, making phosphate and potash fertilizers.

Potatoes should not be grown on the same area for many years, because there is risk of the spread of some diseases and pests.

Additional information!When you select a new site should pay attention to the crops that are grown here to this culture.

It is best to grow the variety in the ground on which previously grew these plants: cucumbers, beans, root vegetables and cabbage. This is necessary to ensure that the disease is not transmitted through the soil root vegetables.

On the site intended for the potatoes, oats planted in the fall, to cleanse the soil of fungal infections.

Planting of potatoes and care

Potato planting and cultivation of the Rosary is divided into several stages:
  • soil preparation;
  • Preparation of seed potatoes;
  • landing;
  • care;
  • harvesting.

Preparation of seed potatoes

It should take care of sorting seeds. The best harvest obtained by planting seed potatoes weighing not less than 50 grams.

photos Rosary planting potatoes
potatoes Rosario. Planting

Planting is carried out after a special treatment of planting material. For 12-15 days before planting boxes are put in the sun to get a greenish peel tubers. This increases the resistance to all types of pest infestation. Productivity is significantly increased by such a process.

Sprouting – a procedure that can be used for rapid sprouting of potatoes for 7-12 days. Importantly save landing sprouts, so they are not broken off.

Step by step planting instructions

This process does not cause any difficulties. The main thing to do everything right, and then early potatoes Rosary take root and bring a good harvest.

    • soil temperature should not be lower than 6-8 ° C.
    • planting depth of 4 to 6 cm.
    • Distance Mezhuyev hole is left 25 – 40 cm between rows – 60 cm


  • added to the pit fertilizers with phosphorus and potassium;
  • After applying fertilizers spread potato sprouts up.
  • Once the tubers are laid out, they are covered with earth.

After planting, it focuses on the removal of weeds. Rosar cultivar responds to loosening the soil, so weeding can be done 2-3 times during the growing season. The interval between treatments weeding and earthing up is carried out 7 to 10 days. This will help to create a new plant roots and improve air access to them. Beginning to cultivate the soil when seedlings reach the size of 10 – 12 cm.

Note!to save the potato shoots during the frost, they fall asleep 3-4 cm of soil.

Variety rarely require additional watering, but in the case of drought, the bushes need to be watered. Some manufacturers recommend removing potato flowers on the bush. This method increases the yield and reduces the time of ripening of tubers.

Pests pose a major threat. If they are not destroyed in time, the tubers become smaller, their quantity and quality will be reduced. In areas infected potato beetle applied mechanical pest control treatment or shrubs chemicals.


Completely dry bush is a sign that the crop is ready for harvest. Plants with dry stems will no longer grow. During harvest time, pay attention to the mechanically damaged tubers. They are selected and used initially. The rest is sized and left in a dark place, so that they are dried at a temperature of 12-18 ° C for about two weeks. Subsequently the potatoes well kept in a dark room at 4 ° -6 ° C.

Photos harvest
The potato harvest Rosario

Note!The disadvantage of early potato is that the tubers of these varieties are not suitable for long-term storage. Over time, they lose moisture, become sluggish and tasteless.

It is advisable to grow different kinds of potatoes, they do not ripen all at the same time. To always be with the harvest of potatoes, it is advisable to put at least 2-3 varieties.

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