How to save the lily of the valley in a flowerpot

lilies of the valley – one of the most famous and beautiful colors of spring. On long stems with small buds, they attract a wonderful aroma.

 lily garden[/caption]

Let’s start with the most simple and safe: transplanted pot lily of the valley in the garden. It is necessary to remove the plant from the pot and put in the place where the maximum partial shade and cool. Carefully, fresh does not mean there where wet. lily of the Valley likes to light the earth, rich in humus. If the soil is heavier, you need to add a lot of compost or compost and some sand – and all.

Second case: you do not have a garden. To keep the lily in a pot, it should be placed in a suitable container. To do this, take a pot slightly larger than the current.

lily of the valley in a pot photo

Important! The holes should be at the bottom of the pot to prevent stagnation of water which inevitably rot the plant.

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for transplantation need mixture of 8 parts of compost or compost into 2 parts sand.

 After the transplant is over, put the pot with lily of the valley to a place where there is too much sun and fresh enough. For example, in the shade of a large planter or pot with flowers.

If you really do not have outside space (eg, a balcony or a window sill), and are forced to keep a pot of lily of the valley in, put it in front of the window without the sun or room in the house very long. If the light is good and the temperature is not too high, the plant gets used to such conditions. Do not forget to water it a little, but regularly, the soil should not dry up, lily hates dry soil.

Closing her eyes and inhaling the aroma of lily of the valley, you feel in the woods. Nature, forest – came to the house, you can relax and unwind. How little it requires a bit of attention, and it will pay off, lily of the valley will be grateful to you. And will flavor – delicate, subtle, intoxicating.