How to Grow Garlic

garlic varieties are divided into two types: Arrows – for the autumn planting (podzimnego culture) nestrelkuyuschiysya – for spring planting (summer crops)


Experience shows that large matured bulbs are available only from larger cloves landing. Usually garlic planted on 15-16 October. The distance between the teeth in a series of 6-9 cm. Planting depth of 6-8 cm.

Care garlic in a period of growth

When podzimny planting in early spring spend loosening immediately after emerging seedlings. Dressing nitrogen fertilizer spend. After 20-25 days after emergence is carried out a second dressing. For this purpose, the infusion mullein (1 part water to 4.6 parts) with the addition of 10-20 g of potassium salt, and 30-40 g of superphosphate per 10 liters.

Within 30-40 days after regrowth is performed with 2-3 irrigation interval of 10-15 days. The soil should be kept clean of weeds and loose. Arrows are removed as they become available. Leave should be one or two hands to determine the extent of garlic maturity and time of collection. Typically arrow garlic has a curved form. As maturation arrow rectified.

Good to know!Garlic should dig when the left hand is completely straightened. Garlic is cleaned during this period has an integral skin and does not disintegrate into slices with light pressure.

This garlic is stored better than overripe.

How to keep the garlic until spring

Plucked garlic spread out in the shade in a ventilated room, it is better vertically, for ripening.

Note!It is important to create conditions for airing garlic, otherwise it may be damaged.

A month later, when the stems dry out completely, clean the garlic from the roots and stems and store in spits or baskets, but always in a dry ventilated area. After you have made the autumn planting, prepare the remaining garlic to the long-term storage.

Why garlic is stored poorly indoors? Usually in the beginning of February it begins to grow roots, then a green sprout, clove becomes sluggish unfit for consumption. To keep garlic throughout the winter fresh at room temperature, need a bulb of garlic dipped in warm paraffin. For this economic conventional melt the candle in a water bath to give a liquid state and to cool slightly. paraffin temperature should be on the verge of hardening, so as not to burn the onions.

The roots of each head of garlic dipped in warm paraffin. Now he is ready for the winter storage.

Now decompose garlic on the grid. Thus it can be stored at room temperature until the spring.