Groats with fragrant herbs. Growing in the country and on the windowsides

Recently, the popularity of cultivation of fragrant herbs is growing due to the expansion of organic gardening. For many years, they have been successfully penetrating our kitchen. Fascinated herbs with a decorative effect plant in the garden, not only with other useful plants (for example, vegetables), but also with decorative plantings. In addition to the fact that they are fragrant spices, they contain a number of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on our health. From fragrant plants you can cook tea and tincture at any time of the year, or use them as fresh seasoning.

Spicy herbs features

Parking herbs belong to an extremely popular plant group. Most of the grasses available in our country takes place from the Mediterranean, for which hot summer weather is characterized. These plants easily cope with a lack of water, as well as with intense sunlight. Even in unpretentious conditions, herbs will grow on solar, windy and dry places, on rocky soil.

If they are correctly distributed and combined, they will protect the surrounding plants from aggressive pests, as well as some diseases. Then it is not necessary to apply chemical sprayers in the garden, or not in such an intense degree.

They can scare the obsessive insects, which is especially valuable when landing them near the terraces and resting places. Ideal Grass in this case: Basil, Melissa, Kotovnik (mint Cat), Lavender, Parsley, and other herbs also attract useful insects that are extremely helpful, especially in organic gardens.

Fresh herbs are valuable for cooking. Of these, you can prepare various therapeutic teas, baths or wraps.

They are effective on the beds and in containers for plants.

However, when growing in containers, greens will never acquire such an attractive appearance and properties as in the garden.

Notice!For growing in containers, you need to use a special substrate for herbs.

Spicy Grass Growing

It is easy to cultivate them, spicy herbs grown hundreds of years in the gardens. The most suitable spring and early autumn fit. They can also be planted with the root room during the entire growing season.

Most spicy herbs, especially Mediterranean origin, need a solar place located in the south or east. The more the sun, the most fragrant and brighter.

Herbs loving the sun require a drier, even stony or sandy permeable soil. Few plants like the half (mint, garlic, breast dew). The same with the humidity of the soil. Mint, parsley, garlic, and also bear garlic need a more wet substrate.

Landing can be added by several large stones that attract the sun. The favorable neighborhood of stones warm the base of plants.

flowerbeds with spicy herbs

Herbs will have a more attractive appearance. These plants are also suitable for landscaping fashionable gravel sections and stone walls.

Herbs do not like a long overwhelming of the root system, they need to ensure reliable water removal. There is no need for fertilizer, but various natural fertilizers can be used to support growth. It is important to cut the greens regularly so that it looks attractive.

Additional information! After several years of cultivation, it is necessary to rejuvenate older bushes, since with age, the production of essential oils and aromatic substances decrease.

Older plantations are divided into bundles. After planting them watered. In the future, after rooting, the need for regular irrigation disappears.

It is important that not all herbs perennial, and therefore every spring will need to plant them again. Others, for example, Allozia, Eucalyptus are perennials, but they will need to be transferred for the winter to a bright and non-freezing room.

Frequently used herbs

The range for the bed is extremely wide.

  • parsley is the least demanding of the soil composition, withstands the sun and the half.
  • Rosemary – a slow-growing shrub feels great in a fully lit place, but prefers to winter in a cool and bright room.
  • Melissa is growing well in soil rich in nutrients and in a sunny place.
  • Sage requires a dry and solar habitat and lime soil enough.
  • Oregano is a relatively hardy plant, preferring a warm and sunny habitat. It is not demanding nutrients in the soil.
  • mint is withstanding the sun and the half, loves abundant watering.

mint in the country

  • Basil is usually grown as an annual, as it is sensitive to cold. Loves loose soil rich in nutrients, and periodic fertilizers. Does not tolerate convergence.
  • Thyme – one of unpretentious plants, loves a sunny place protected from drafts.

It is best to plant them in the garden with the purpose they have to perform. Mint, honeysuckle, chamomile, sage, calendulas are best grown as medicinal plants. Leaves of mint and honeysuckle, as well as young lavender flowers can be used when preparing and decorated with desserts or cocktails.

Please note! Herbs can be grown on a small space along with other cultures. Many of them can be grown among vegetables or at the flower beds. Lavender, Alkehmilla, Echinacea and various varieties of Peppercut Sage successfully complement flower beds with various decorative plants.

In the kitchen

Fragrant, with excellent taste, fresh herbs will improve any dish. They can be used in the preparation of cold and hot dishes. They are suitable for soups, potatoes, meat, desserts. Therefore, it’s good when they are always at hand.

The most common herbs can be grown at home even in winter.

Spices on the windowsill

They do not have any special requirements, they only need the light suitable capacity and garden ground. Temperatures for growth ranging from 15 to 20 ° C, the night temperatures in the room should not fall below 10 ° C. CHACTO is a time for trying: basil, mint, melissa, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano can be planted in domestic ones, on the windowsill.

In addition to classic plants, attention attracted little-known, almost forgotten or exotic herbs. Among the less well-known is becoming increasingly popular, the cultivation of Allosia (Lippia Citriodora), Perilla (Borago Officinalis) and others acquire.

Fully the garden is not planted with fragrant greens, adhere to the size of the territory. Plants must complement it. The advantage of these plants is unpretentious to care and relatively good drought resistance.

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