Growing cucumber seedlings on the windowsill

to get an early crop of cucumbers only if timely planted the seeds for seedlings in the container. In the spring after the soil has warmed, gardener seedlings are planted and ready for a short period of time begins to harvest.


Benefits of growing cucumbers on a windowsill

The process of growing cucumbers on a window sill has its difficulties. However, we must highlight some of the benefits:

  • plant before planting is pre-hardened, which reduces the occurrence of diseases during the growing period;
  • the selected variety is tested for germination;
  • the yield can be obtained in a short time.

However, it should be noted that during the transplanting of seedlings is important to closely monitor the state of culture. In some cases, the seedlings of cucumbers may for a long time to adapt to a new place of growth and rooting.

How to choose a variety for cultivation on the


In order to further receive the crop seedlings must be selected from varieties that are well tolerated by abrupt temperature change and require minimal maintenance. Often gardeners grow seedlings not only, but also to receive regular crops of cucumbers from the window sill. When selecting varieties it is necessary to give preference to the following types:

  • Courage;
  • athlete;
  • Faust.

Can also be used all F1.tak cucumber varieties they are immune to the disease and are not demanding to the ground.

How to prepare seeds for planting

One of the first and basic steps before planting seeds is their proper preparation.

It is important! From the pre-treatment of planting material depends on the level of germination and protection of culture from possible diseases.

Purchased seeds should be selected. Only high-quality planting material used for planting. For the selection of seeds in a glass of water you need to add the seeds and leave them for a few minutes. All quality seeds will sink to the bottom, and the damaged float.

After quality planting material is selected you must be disinfected. For this is an easy solution of manganese and 20 minutes put the seeds. Once the seeds are disinfected they should be dried and used for planting into prepared containers.

What is the ground must use

To seeds should teach all the necessary nutrients before planting is necessary to choose the right soil. For cucumber is recommended to use the finished mixture for seedlings or prepare soil by self mixing 2 parts necessary to mix the soil with the same amount of humus or peat. This type of soil is well breathable and contains all necessary substances.

To ak choose the right container for planting, and especially landing seeds

plastic pots can be used as a container. However, if you plan in the future to plant the seedlings in the ground is necessary to use peat cups. The advantage of these glasses is the possibility of transplanting together with the container. Peat soluble glasses and additionally fertilized soil.

For planting the seeds, follow these steps:

  • containers for seedlings to fill in nutrient soil;
  • water the soil with warm water;
  • make small holes and place the seeds at a distance of not less than 1 cm;
  • sprinkle the ground and put it on the window sill.

After germination the seedlings need to make a dive. Dive cucumber seedlings need to be very careful, because the culture is very sensitive.

Care of seedlings

Before planting seedlings in open ground it is important to observe proper care. To do this, carry out regular watering. In order not to damage the seedlings should be watered done with a spray gun.

Note!Before you planted seedlings in the ground is necessary to use complex fertilizers for subcortical. Feeding is carried out during run time.

This percentage increases digestibility.

Planted the seeds for seedlings can be in the middle of March. Thus, the seedlings have time to get stronger, and less will be exposed to disease.

Get high-quality seedlings can be indoors, it is enough to comply with advice and recommendations.