Cucumbers bloom abundantly, but do not give fruits

Cucumbers are among the most frequently grown vegetables. There are varieties that are grown exclusively in the open soil, and those that grow mainly in the greenhouse. The production of cucumbers depends on one important factor: women’s flowers are needed for fruits, and the more they are, the higher the harvest. But it often happens that the plant refuses to give women’s flowers and what to do in this case?

Features of cucumbers

Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) belong to the pumpkin family, single one, which means that they give male and women’s flowers on one plant. Young plants initially form only male flowers in the sinuses of the leaves, and usually there are several flowers, only when the plant is growing enough, it appears for women’s flowers. This explains why bad growing conditions can lead to only male inflorescences.

Yellow cups of male and female flowers look equally. Women’s flowers can be easily distinguished from male. In the center of the flower there are tiny green cylinders, which to some extent resemble small cucumbers. There is no one in the male flowers, and therefore they are called emptyweights, since they are not capable of forming a wound.

If the cucumbers bloom, but do not get tied

With cucumbers can happen so that they bloom abundantly, but do not give fruits. What can be the causes that lead to the appearance of flowers, but never lead to the tie of fruits.

female flower

Zajaz is a tiny cucumber under a flower that can develop only if it was pollinated.

Please note!Lack of one or another fertilizer, bad land, pests or diseases – all this can cause the cucumbers do not fron. turn yellow and even fall.

Tesne is another reason that the cucumbers will crush the maritime. If bushes are too closely, without light, the plant is bad. The cucumbers must be plane on special flames: so they will receive light and air in sufficient quantities.

This can happen if the place is not solar. Cucumbers need a lot of heat, in the open ground it is important to ensure that the soil at the time of landing is already quite warm. Adverse weather conditions (day temperatures below 18 ° C, the night below 12 ° C) quickly lead to the fact that the plant refuses female flowers, and only men will remain, and ultimately there will be almost no fruit.

They do not tolerate temperature drops, drought. Strong fluctuations in temperature – causes of fruit disappearance.

Complex conditions in the growth phase can lead to the fact that the plant will give only men’s flowers. Due to bad weather conditions and low temperatures, female flowers fall out. Even if the cucumbers are blooming, fruiting is impossible. Only men’s flowers remain on the plant, so the fruits are not formed.

Watering and Fertilizer

Especially acute the cucumbers react to the lack of moisture during the fruiting period, and if they dropped female flowers, there may be a mistake in care: the plants feed unevenly or they too little water. If the cucumber plants bloom, but not fruit, it can be associated with insufficient water supply. Their shallow root system cannot extract moisture from the depths of the soil. Women’s flowers can appear regularly and abundantly.

Please note!If possible, land should never move, and the layer of mulch helps longer keep the soil wet

Proper watering is important for optimal growth and formation of fruits:

  • cucumbers need water, the soil should always be evenly wet;
  • they do not like to fear;
  • requires a greater amount of water every day, the daily need for water of one plant to three liters;
  • water for watering should not be too cold;
  • It is preferable to use rain or dilated water.

Important!When watering, it is necessary to ensure that the water falls only on the ground, and not on the leaves. Otherwise, moisture on the leaves can provoke a bacterial or fungal disease.

Cucumber plants need a lot of nutrients, but they are sensitive to salts, so with mineral fertilizers should be careful.

Competent feeders. Cucumbers need a whole range of trace elements. In the ground you need to bring mineral fertilizers with boron, copper, zinc, manganese. It is important not to overdo it with nitrogen: fruiting may not come. You can easily help the organic. For this, a solution of bird litter and water is suitable in a ratio of 1:20 or a cowboy with water in a ratio of 1:10.

no pollination

Cucumbers need pollination, and one of the most frequent causes of the death of fruit is the absence of pollination. So that the plant be fruitful, he must have male and female flowers on the same plant. If some alone will prevail, it will not be pollinated, and, consequently, fruiting. Women’s flowers can be found in the elongated wound, men are in the sinuses of the leaves.

Natural pollination occurs only with insects. When there are enough male and female flowers, you need help insects for pollination. Chemical pesticides are harmful to insects in the garden. In most cases, the invasion of pests in the garden can be successfully monitored by natural and less aggressive means. The more comfortable you feel insects, the safer pollution of downtown plants. Nonctic plants for insects, next to the cucumber, will work with pollination of flowers.

In some cases, artificial, manual pollination is necessary. You can help when they bloom, shaking flowers several times a day. Thus, the male pollen can get on women’s flowers.

Self-polls are now available, varieties with completely female flowers, which do not need pollination at all, but they are not always satisfactory, because they may not have taste or resistance to diseases.

For good fruiting cutting cucumbers

So that the cucumbers gave as much fruit as possible, the tips of their side shoots are laid out after each of the sprouts will be seen. It makes the plant give new side shoots, which, in turn, bloom and give fruit. When cutting cucumber, its development is limited, and women’s flowers are formed faster and, therefore, fruits.

Cropped the stem from the best plants over the second sheet when a young seedling will have four sheets in addition to two seedlings.

pests cucumbers

The cucumbers affect many pests that can completely destroy the harvest. To avoid this, it is important to regularly examine plants for the presence of pests, and to deal with them. The most famous pests include a wave, whiteflink, a web tick, etc.

The reasons are the cucumbers bloom, but do not be fruit, as well as the wounds dry and fall, maybe a lot. It is important to provide proper care plants, and constantly monitor the emergence of one or another disease. There are many varieties that are unpretentious, and show excellent results in yield. But even with them such a problem may happen if there is a bad care.