Spatilulum. Excellent air purifier, how to grow it?

Spatilulum is a flowering room plant, undemanding in care. The advantage of this plant is a long beautiful blossom. This is one of the indoor plants with the best properties of air purification.

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Plant Features

spathifylum or spathifilum is a family of aroid, whose homeland is the tropics of America, East Asia, where it grows in the shade of large trees. Rod includes about 40 species, some of their representatives are popular indoor plants.

In Nature, Spathiphyllum grows to a height of more than a meter, at home, depending on the variety, can reach sizes from 25 to 80 cm.

The trunk has no. Glossy dark green leaves form a bundle directly from the soil. They grow up to 25 cm long, and sit on long stems. Form of leaves from elliptical to extended.

During the blossom of spatilleum forms a beautiful contrast with creamy and white flowers. Why doesn’t he bloom? This may be caused mainly due to improper cultivation conditions. You need to perform requirements for location, soil and watering. Flowers from March to September. White flowers before dried, change your color to green.
Rest period
After a period of flowering occurs a period of rest for several months.

Beautiful indoor plant is a poisonous, so you need to follow the children and pets who have eaten the leaves from it.

Growing Requirements

This is unpretentious in the growing plant you need to provide humidity and heat.


Place the spathifylum flower near the window, but not directly to the windowsill. This is one of the few shadowless indoor plants, which also grows well in dark corners.

Please note! It is very important to choose the right place for it to grow better. Improper location of plants is often a mortal verdict.

It can not be exposed to direct sunlight – strong sunlight damages the leaves. With a strong sunlight on the leaves, various stains from brown to black can appear.



Each plant has different substrate requirements in which it grows. If you do not use the appropriate soil, there may be diseases.

For the planting of spathifylums, a peat substrate or a peat-based primer is used containing sand. The soil should be air and power-permeable. It is a good drainage.

air temperature

Spathifulum – the plant is thermal-loving, perfectly feels in the heat, it grows well only at a temperature of more than 18 ° C. The perfect temperature is 22-23 ° C. Does not like drafts. People period – winter. Temperature during this period should not be descended below 15 ° C.

In warm areas, part of the year can be grown outdoors, somewhere in the garden shade or on the terrace, or balcony.


The substrate for spathifylum should always be slightly humid, and the root command should never dry completely – even during the rest phase, which lasts from October to January, we water up to two times a week in the summer, in the winter enough. Avoid stagnation of water in a pot. This may cause fading and the death of the plant.

Please note! Rather, the plant will transfer the lack of water than overflow. Therefore, it is always better to wait with watering until the leaves begin to fade a little.

To avoid the convergence, a gravel layer can be used to create a drainage layer in a pot. Use tanks with a drain hole.


The plant needs an increased humidity that is useful for him all year round. It follows several times a week to spray the leaves with water. Water on flowers do not spray, as they can bend. In winter, it is not so often sprayed as in the summer, using not cold, but a standing water.


During the growing season, it is desirable to make fertilizer once every 2 weeks, which will support the viability of the plant. With insufficient nutrition, it will not bloom. Use ordinary fertilizers for home plants, giving them only half of the recommended dose. Too many fertilizers can harm the plant: the tips of the leaves will become brown.

Transplant Spatillyuma

As the plant is growing, it usually grows and sometimes the pot is already missing.

Additional information! The older the plant becomes, the less time it has to transplant. Young plants that grow rapidly, it is necessary to regularly transplant in the larger container.

The main thing is to correctly recognize when it is time to transplant it. With a lack of place, the spathifylum reacts with fading or dry tips of the leaves. The best time to transplant – from spring to the beginning of summer. It is recommended to transplant the plant from one to two years, when the substrate is depleted, and the roots do not find enough space.

Transplanting plants

Transplanted in a pot of larger, but it should be too large (about 5 cm more than the one in which it was before). Material pot can be plastic or ceramic. It should have a drainage hole for water removal.


The flower does not need regular trimming. But the faded leaves and flowers can be regularly removed directly at the base of the stems so that the plant does not spend energy on them.

Spatifylum: reproduction

You can propagate in the spring, dividing the plant in the transplant process. It is thoroughly watered in advance. Separate carefully on the bundles, so as not to damage the roots, and placed in a new pot. Each individual plant should have a developed root system.

Seeds multiply at a soil temperature above 20 ° C, but it is difficult.

Diseases and pests

Spatifylum usually does not have problems with disease. Fungal infections in the form of a gray or white plaque on the basis are not harmful to the plant. Dangerous fungal diseases – black raid on stems and leaves. It is necessary to remove all infected parts of the plant.

Sometimes it can be infected with ticks or tool. Especially in winter, they regularly check the foliage. This is the only way to prevent larger damage to pests, and spread to other plants in the house. The spraying of the plant will help with a strong jet of warm water, and the removal of pests from it.

types of spatifylum

Varieties are characterized by a height, color and shape of the leaves.

  • Spathiphyllum Wallisii Gemini It is a variety with motley foliage.

  • Pearl Cupido and Cupido Opal are saturated, dark green lanceal leaves.

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  • “Chopin” – a compact bush. Ideal when little space.

  • Sweet Paco exudes a pleasant and very sweet flavor vanilla.

  • “Manua Loa” is a variety with large flowers.

Spatifylum benefits: Cleans air from harmful connections, microorganisms in the air. Especially actively he struggles with mold mushrooms. Easy to care indoor plant is considered ideal even for beginners, and it is unlikely to cause any problems

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